Was terry caulley being showcased for a trade last friday. good idea and then Charlie may have to play Jessie.

Riley 13

8) Well considering that Lumsden is limping around on that bad ankle still, that would be a pretty ridiculous trade to make now, wouldn't it ???? :roll:

By the way, the game was Saturday, not Friday.

And considering there is not a chance in hell Lumsden will sign with the Cats next year that would leave them with no-one. On second thought this management probably wouldn't think that far ahead... Yea you're right they probably were showcasing him. Ticat fans get ready to go from two of the best to none.

Caulley should be our starting back after we lose Jesse to free agency next February.

I hope not, Terry is the most complete back on this team, and he plays with alot of heart, with a good line infront of him he will be right up there with the top backs in the league. Letting him go would be this clubs biggest mistake, bigger than letting lumsden go.

who cares if Lumsden leaves, i read he tweaked his ankle again, if he thinks he is getting big money, think again

I can care less who our back is next year, every year we're first in rushing yet last in total offence. Next year I hope we're dead last in rushing but first in passing and first in the standings, all the best teams treat their ground games like it's the plague.

Like Saskatchewan? You know, the defending Grey Cup champs with the best record in the league?