I may be alone here...but is there really any reason to be showboating, when you are in last place at 2 and 9 and losing to the seventh place team in a league of eight...even when you do make a good play.

I don't see a reason to dance here Cats.

its called adrenaline and emotions. maybe youve never played sports competitively at any level, but you cant just TURN OFF your goddamn emotions. Especially when there hasnt been much to cheer about.

I didn't see the Ticats do anything nearly as bad as that ridiculous dance that the Bombers did in the endzone tonight and Winnipeg has nothing to be proud of this season either.

Trying to get the crowd pumped, if you dont like it go watch golf, or womens basketball.

hey xtybe, God is not damned and you do not need to swear to make your point. Well, maybe you do! lol

But God does damn 8)

Sorry but the things people find to complain about is unbelievable!!

Well they won the game and they have twice as many wins on the season as the Tiger Cats have...but I do agree that the pre staged showboating is over the top.

Barry Sanders used to hand the ball back to the nearest referee and head to the sidelines after a TD. Sorry if NFL reference is not allowed in this forum.

I ws asking you to not use his name in vein. I happen to beleive that this is wrong. Sorry to bring morals and values into it. It is very believable, yet rare when people stand up for what is right!

I used a lowercase G brother, I figure if it was that offensive the forum would have ****** it out.

Ben Cahoon is the perfect example of class. Never showboats and acts like scoring a TD is an everyday event.

Just gives the ball to the ref and trots off the field. That dude is great.

PRod the coolest. :thup: and hes just a kid.

I don't know about the Cat's, but Wpg did a good imitation of Cal.

Save your righteousness for the crusades, revrend.

Personally, the showboating can be nauseating. That endzone 'dance' if you will, was worth an unsportsmanlike penalty.

That stuff bothers me. If something like that was done in a hockey game, the tough-guys would be lining up beside them on the ensuing faceoff...and it wouldn't be pretty.

But it wouldn't happen again, that's for sure.

so what? when Quinton Porter threw that TD pass to prechea you just sat there with a neutral look on your face?

I'm not talking about a little fist pump or a high five, or even spiking the football....I'm talking about the over the top dancing...the in-your-face taunting. It's poor sportsmanship when you are winning, and downright foolish when you are losing.

I did play competitive sports in my younger days, though granted never professionally. If someone started dancing in my face when they were losing....I would simply look them in the eye and then point towards the scoreboard.

ohhh k my mistake, i thought you were refering to just cheering :stuck_out_tongue: , any1 who was rubbing it on others' faces shouldn't have been...regardless of whether your team is good or not...

Were they playing "duck duck goose"?


Sure looked like the old school fave, at least as I remember it from elementary school :lol:

la la la

been there, dun that, move on.....SHESH...