I was just looking at Esks123 signature with the Calgary players all lying on the ground together in a TD celebration and it got me thinking how much I hate that kind of staged celebration.

Does it tick anybody else off out there?

I was thinking If I was a coach and a team did that to me on my home turf, I would tell each and every one of defensive secondary players to go get in the way of that celebration.

Would I be overreacting, or justified?

A little ball spike and celebration is OK, but, this staged side show crap is not right.

I wouldn't like it if the Cats did it and don't like it when visiting teams do it.

Anybody else get as upset as I do when I see this crap?

re-I would tell each and every one of defensive secondary players to go get in the way of that celebration.
---------- Thats the way to deal with it in Hockey, (drop the gloves)- but cant do that in football, Maybe resort to wrestling tactics, Like throwing salt in the eyes?when the refs distracted of course!

I would LOVE to have a reason for us to do a little showboating :wink: I do see your point. It can be annoying, but I do have to say that my all-time favourite TD celebration was DJ Flick's canoe in the endzone. That was classic.

Telling your defense to get in the way is just asking for a penalty and it's showing the team that it bothers you. I would never give them that much satisfaction.

I for ONE ... LOVE endzone CELEBRATIONS !!

To me it SUGGESTS these guys are ACTUALLY ENJOYING themselves !!

From my perspective, sports are as much about ENTERTAINMENT as they are about the 'game' itself.

It is a MANIFESTATION of ENERGY - and I think it gives FANS a little sumthin sumthin EXTRA for their ENTERTAINMENT $$$.

Some celebrations are BETTER than others. Some are a little OVER the TOP ... but just like the song says "ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take them both, and there you have ... ".


Yeah! They get a little ridiculous! Some are obviously, actually choreographed... which means the guys hang around after practice and think of ways to dance after a TD!

I'm thinkin'... and this is Ol' School... maybe, if you have time to hang around after practice and arrange a TD dance... shouldn't you hit the weight room instead?

Dear "Pro Athletes":

Act like you've scored a TD before! Give the ball to the Back Judge and get back in the huddle for the extra point!!!!

Rumor had it that the Cats receivers had a TD celebration dance all practiced and ready to unveil.

But when the team went so many games without scoring a TD, they forgot what it was.

Of course this IS only a rumor.

I could not agree more Glovesave. Theres just something unsportsman like about it that rubs me the wrong way.

Those silly acts remind me of the tattletale schoolmate many of us encountered in grade 3.

i love TD celebrations....its the perfect end to a TD play.

I agree but the only problem with this is that we saw too many opposing teams perform their “celebration” at IWS over the last few years.

The showboating stuff seems kind of silly to me, but I just figure I'm too old too remember what it was like to be 24 years old and able to do damage with my body, instead of to it.

The only time it really annoys me is when it is done at an inappropriate time. Like when your team is being thumped, and you've had a offensive lineman feeding you your mouth guard all night, and then you do a crazy sack dance because you managed to catch the backup QB running a clock kill offense in garbage time. Or when you're down 24 points and you've had balls bounce off your numbers and fingers all night when the game was close, then you preen for the camera like a drag queen at Pride Day when you finally catch something.

Endzone celebrations don't bother me at all. It's just part of the show. I don't even mind when it's the opposition that's whooping it up.

An Argo-Cat fan

I like endzone dances. I don't care if they plan them. But I think it's too much when they get props involved, like Chad Johnson wanted to bring out a reindeer one year and throw presents to the crowd in Cincinnati.

What I don't like is guys celebrating plays that aren't that big of a deal. Like last year we would be losing by 50 and we'd make a play and then we'd celebrate like we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or receivers who make ridiculous gestures after catching a pass for a first down. Give it up.

A game changing play is worth celebrating. Doing your job is not.

I recall hearing that the late Paul "Bear" Bryant used to tell his players that they shouldn't put on those TD shows. He said "don't be dancing around act as if you've been there before."

A game changing play is worth celebrating. Doing your job is not.
Couldnt dropping a pass techincally be a game changing play? Last time I checked, making plays IS their job. Whether it be a touchdown, a sack, or an out pattern for 1 yard. So therefore I agree with your "doing their job is not" worth celebrating.

i luv that the cfl letsplayers fool around its entertaining

I do not like showboating.

It's getting sillier and more ridiculous with each passing year!

Spike the ball and get to the huddle or to the sidelines.
Tossing the ball to the ref and doing little or next to nothing seems more 'intimidating' and 'getting down to gridiron business'
then having a big showtunes routine with 4 or more teammates--comes across as
"Wow we DID it?!"

Rocky Dipietro was like that --big TD score -maybe a spike- and off to the sidelines.

I'm trying to think of the team that opened the floodgates in the first place... maybe the Bombers,
the Argos weren't too far behind.

However to be my own devils advocate seeing Gizmo Williams do a backflip (except against us) in the endzone was cool to watch...but then again there wasn't 5 other Eskies prancing around like a scene from Swan Lake.