Show Your Support for the Return of the Ottawa Rough Riders

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Done. :thup:


Its nice to be back... Submitted my two seats minutes ago...

I particularly enjoyed this this Q and A:

Q: Why do you think you will succeed with football in Ottawa when so many others have failed?
A: Our ownership group has deep roots in the community, a sense of pride in our City, and a proven track record of success in business and sports administration and management. We are Ottawa guys, we know the Ottawa market—it's a big small town with family values—and we'll provide fun and exciting family entertainment. We intend to put a competitive team on the field right out of the gate and we'll be playing in a new “fan friendly? stadium where you won't have to wait in long lines to get refreshments or use the washrooms. The other thing to keep in mind is our tie with the Ottawa 67's. We already have an experienced, successful front office team in place. We have existing sales and marketing relationships with hundreds of local and national clients, and strong relationships with community groups, schools and amateur sports organizations. Our franchise hits the ground running.

Yes... Bring it all back including this gem...

Well, perhaps forget Bernie, Lonie and the other clowns.

I like the family thing. One thing people say who don't understand the CFL where they say going to an NFL game is so much more "fun" ie tailgaiting with loads of booze and that, is that the CFL really is more about a family outing and is less rowdy, at least my experience. And that is the way a lot of us like it. Doesn't mean a lot of us don't consume a few beers or whatever, not at all, but we don't go to CFL games to HAVE TO tailgait, can if you want no problem but we don't have to. I know a lot of people in southern Ontario who go to Bills games in Buffalo go mainly to tailgait and get sloshed. This isn't what CFL games are about nearly as much, thank goodness.

Just listening to a couple of city councillors on the radio this morning and they are really against the CFL coming back, these guys are going to be the biggest obstacle in trying to get a team back.
Doucet wants to turn the area into a people place with parks and gardens and he will fight any attempt to keep Frank Clair. Another councillor says she doesn't want to see "that type of activity" at Landsdowne and the football stadium should go somewhere else and the city should have no involvement.
Even though the new owners would rebuild the south side stands with their money the councillors are not on-board.

1)There is alot of people aginst doucets plan.He wants to tear down frank clair and most of the other buildings.Then there is the money factor where will it come from.

2)The other council who wants the stadium torn down again money is a factor.

3)There is aslo alot of council that are for the stadium.

Doucet has never been on board. Or at least, the people he represents are not and he's speaking for them.

The one councillor who has been most supportive is Bob Monette and he feels he can get the votes from the fence-sitters. Some of the stats about the online consultations have come out and something like 75% of posters were in favour. That was round one, round two results haven't been posted yet (as far as I know) but those of us who participated felt it went even better, to the point that the anti-stadium folks commented that they felt vastly outnumbered. Monette has about 600 signed postcards speaking in favour of the stadium too.

I'm not so worried about the stadium being a part of the design competition as such. I'm more worried about what form it'll take if and when it does. It has to be "suitable". If the winning bid includes a 12,000 seat stadium, we're screwed.

My big hope is that Greenberg and them submit something that most people can support.

Oh man, this could be a real dog fight, yikes, but then these sorts of things can be exactly that when you get down to it.

Yeah...I think of yesterday's announcement like winning your division. You can be happy for a couple of days, but you need to realise that there's still work to be done.

The stadium has to be include in the Design guidelines. Then when the bids are made public, the right one has to be chosen. It doesn't have to be the Hunt group's (if they even submit one) but it has to include a decent stadium.

I was less busy with football when we HAD a team. :expressionless:

Too funny there CRF with your busy comment.

But these things are complicated, I can appreciate that. Is the stadium in the perfect place? Probably not but then few are in perfect places however that is defined. I wonder if the people agains't the stadium are also agains't the hockey arena although with 9000 capacity I suppose this isn't the concern as drawing 25,000 as for a football game and hockey is mainly in the winter where most people are bundled up in their homes anyways.

Just have to let this all play out according to the democratic process and see what happens in the end.

Noticed the following published study, abstract below, which could be of interest to some people. I found this interesting:

Title: How does a new sports stadium affect housing values? The case of FedEx Field.

Authors: Tu, C. C.

Author Affiliation: Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate, School of Business Administration, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego, CA 92110, USA.

Source: Land Economics, 2005 (Vol. 81) (No. 3) 379-395


This study investigates how the construction of a sports stadium affects residential housing values. Hedonic analyses are conducted to assess the price differentials between housing units in close proximity to FedEx Field (home of the Washington Redskins) in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA, and comparable units away from it. Using a difference-in-difference approach, the study finds that properties near FedEx Field were sold at a discount; however, this price differential was narrowed after the completion of the stadium. Contrary to neighbourhood activists' concern that sports venues adversely affect property values, the findings of this study indicate that a new stadium improves housing values in the surrounding area.

I don’t think that most of them are opposed to the hockey team. Before they lost the handle on things, most of those anti-stadium folks were recommending keeping the rink and north side stands to support “amateur” sports.

Riiiight! In other words, nothing that generates too big a crowd or noise you might hear from down the street. Because Frank Clair also played host to the Rolling Stones and concerts like that but a northside-only FCS couldn’t do that.

Hockey in indoors so no real noisy and not too bad in terms of traffic so they were willing to accept that if it meant no more football, soccer or concerts. But they eventually went back to their “stadium must go” chants.

Silly geezers.

Oh Earl, do you mind if I use this in an argument against an anti-stadium blue hair one day? :wink:

Be my guest CRF. I didn't read the entire paper and don't know if this would apply in a Canadian situation but nevertheless, it is in a peer-reviewed journal in the economics field so something to look at at the very least.

If a stadium is done right and where people who live in the area see positive business impacts in the area where people who live in higher class areas come to the stadium to spend some time watching whatever, I suppose it stands to reason that it could help housing prices especially if the area where the stadium was being built wasn't the best to begin with. although I don't think this is the Glebe situation though, I don't know.

The glebe houses costs are some of the highest in the city.

What I got out of the press conference is that Mr. Hunt and his group are very focused on bringing football back to Ottawa. I would think from what I have read and heard about the group, they wouldn't have even bothered trying to reserect the CFL in Ottawa if they didn't stand a chance on the whole rebuild Frank Clair stadium and Landsdowne park redevelopement issue. Remember aren't three of them land developers. If Ottawa wants to fix up that area, they have the right people in place to do so.

Well, hell...Why didn't I think of that?? :oops:

Hopefully some of those city councillors with small mans disease put away their pettyness for a while and do whats right for a city of that size and our nations capital. Some of their comments I have read are just stupid. This group of owners are a civic minded group that does more for their city than anyone on that council could dream of doing.