Show up early for tomorrow's Argo game!

The pre-game Damon Allen ceremony starts at 2:45, featuring Warren Moon and Damon Allen!

Pity those who show up late!

And they will have special ALLEN 70,000 passing yards T-shirts for sale , 999 signed Allen CFL playing cards for sale.

lowest ticket price costs = $9 .99 :thup:

It will also be shown on the full CBC network! :thup: Watch the pre-game show starting on the CBC at 2 : 30pm EST :thup:

MOON , will be there. :thup: I wonder what he will think about a NFL team coming to TORONTO? :lol:

He thinks that ALLEN should be in the "PRO" HALL , in the U.S. :thup: :rockin:

Yes I will have to get one of those shirts!

great thread man :thup: :thup:

a CFL collectors item for sure :thup:

Last nights game will be hard to top by The ARGOS / HAMILTON game. REALLY , REALLY , REALLY hard.

But you never know?

At Least ARGO fans can celebrate with MOON and ALLEN 1 half hour before the game at THE DOME or on T.V.

And the ARGOS could move into first in the EAST!

The WINNIPEG / SASK. game should be really good!


I'm looking forward to seeing Warren Moon in person.

If you go down a littler eariler , and are in the 100 section , you may be able to get a MOON / ALLEN autograph. :thup:

I know that the ARGOS allow people on the field after the game! :thup:


Do you know when they open the gates?

Moon should start for the TiCats.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

About 1 hour before the game. :thup:

I just hope we see a good game from BOTH teams.

I hope if Maas looks shaky again they pull him early. Personally I don't think he should start but we've been through all that.