Show some Love

Lets give our team some Love

Show your support, why do you love the Argos and whey do they need to stay in Toronto and why do they need to move to BMO field


they don't.

they need to go northeast of Toronto.

You don’t have the convince the Toronto fans in this forum, you have to convince the Toronto people who don’t care.

If the people of TO are not supporting the Argos, then the team should relocate to a city that will support the team - perhaps in Quebec City or Halifax.

thought something similar, sometime last year


Here's to the Argos alive and well in Toronto forever!

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Perhaps moving out of Toronto Proper and Downtown and into one of the GTA regions such as Mississauga still keeps the team in Toronto but into a city and part of the Region where there is a big enough population and they will be the main team in that area.
Every major pro sports city in North America that have several teams in different sports. At least one of a 4 or 5 team metro area have a stadium in a different part of the area.
Minn has 4 pro teams. The NHL North Stars had moved leaving them with 3. On the return to the NHL to Minni/St.Paul the NHL team has its own arena in St. Paul.


Don't move closer to Hamilton.