I am born and raised in Hamilton and I hate to say it but most of the people here have no class at all! I hope to god that outside of football and in other areas (business and social lives alike) that we show a little more class and respect to people on a daily basis.

Jason Maas is gone....his time in Hamilton is over. How about some more good luck wishes from us (the fan base of the TiCats) instead of the "don't let the door hit you on the way out" or "it's about time we got rid of this whining overpaid baby" comments that I'm hearing.

Disgusting is what it is.

Make no mistake, Maas had a miserable time here but unlike some, I don't believe the blame should be placed solely on his shoulders.

I'm as excited as the next guy about Casey Printers and what he brings to the table. I'm very happy that we have brought him in and moved Jason, but I still respect the player that Jason is and I wish him the best in Montreal.

Given the chance with the Als, it wouldn't surprise me to see Maas succeed.

I'm embarrassed by some of the comments that have been made and I hope that when Printers has a rough game or makes mistakes (which he will because he is only human) that we won't treat him the same way.

The only thing that bothers me about the idea of this team turning the corner and becoming a force in the CFL (which I believe is only a matter of time....but obviously not this year) is that some of you classless fickle "fans" will get to enjoy with the rest of us.

Well said. I agree 100%. Excellent post.

Maas stunk. It's as simple as that. The guy has lost 19 games, of his 24 or 25 starts in Hamilton.
The paying fans have every right to voice their opinions. If you don't like it -AMG-, you don't have to log on and read it.
We have something in Canada referred to as Free Speech.
I hope you can overcome all this, sir.

hamilton showed class, look at all the patience they showed to him, they treated him like a rockstar when he came here.

I agree with you 100% AMG. I think people should wish Jason the best of luck and success as he moves to Montreal. He’s a fine person-- let’s show him that we are too.

Good luck Jason. Let’s go Cats.

I'm a paying fan. I've paid for season tickets for 10 years and I'm only in my mid 20's. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?

I agree Maas didn't play well. Never said he did. I'm saying it's disgusting the way we treated him while he was here and now especially after he's gone.


Your point has been proven by a couple of the responses to your original post.

I'm not talking about the coaching staff's patience to try and make it work with him.

I'm talking about the fans. They treated him like a rockstar in the off-season when he was acquired. That's about it. After losing his first game to the Argos, people have been calling for his head and blaming all of this team's lack of success on him ever since.

Thanks, AMG! It had to be stated and you did it well.

This is a pro athlete we are discussing, not some war criminal. Jason Maas doesn't need to apologize to anyone for his effort in difficult circumstances in hamilton. No QB could have won in Catland with the absurdities going on the last couple of years.

The Printers signing is a coup. I hope that I get to see the Cats at the Grey Cup here next year, which I will be mortgaging a grapefruit to go to now that I see the Cats having a solid chance to step up in 2008. My hope is to see Jason Maas do well in the Als mix enough for a Als-Cats showdown in a 2008 East final at Old Civic. Perchance to dream!

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope Maas does well in Montreal. There I said it.

That being said, he was never a fit here in Hamilton, he was "damaged" when he got here and people bold faced hid the truth from the fans that Maas was indeed hurting and not a 100%. Why did he wait till Feb of this year to get the surgery he needed on the shoulder ( or what ever it was)
The only time Maas had any life to him was when we played in and here against Edmonton. He is one of only a hand fill of players that I ever felt that "I don't want to be here " vibe.

However that being said, why is it the "successful" teams in the league right now happen to have our entire team playing for them. If you look around, Toronto, Calgary, and the Green Riders they all have former TiCats.
My bottom line concern from the very beginning of this year, with this team was the talent that was DUMPED, to others. I hold the GM, Coaching staff responsible for this fiasco of a season.

I think we're just taking out our fustration on poor Maas (which may not be fair!).

Printers gives us hope, which we haven't had for quite some time, so we'll treat him like gold until.... (again, unfair, but this is how it goes in sports).

The anonymous nature of internet chat rooms brings out the worst in some people. I'm willing to bet that most Maas critics would not have the courage of their convictions to tell the man in person what they type on this site.

no to post.

Football is a sport, and as such doesn't tend to attract the most cognitive and urbane type of person. (Case in point, a previous poster.) It's the modern equivalent of gladitorial bloodsport, and by its very nature it will illicit crude emotional outbursts from those who view it. It's to be expected, then, that when a player doesn't perform to expectation, he will be treated in the manner Maas has been treated. If you have a problem with the manner in which people are expressing their displeasure with Maas, perhaps you should find yourself a more refined form of entertainment to partake in, like art or the theatre. Whatever the case, just be glad that we no longer live in the age when the likes of Maas would have been put to the sword for his inability to perform.

Circular logic meets its new definition.

Me too!

He deserves better. I really wished he would have had had success here.

I like him and hope he has enough success to ressurect his career.

After the Ti-Cats, I'll be rooting for him. He's that kind of guy.

Ockham ... absolutely people wouldn't be able to walk up to Jason and tell him. On a chat room or at a game yes but not person to person, man (or woman) to man.

Too bad so sad ..... suck it up princess.
Jason was given more than a reasonable time to shine - didn't want to be here - did not gell with the team - could not read a blitz if his life depended upon it -
arm strength nill -people skills - none -
gell with the receivers - nill - hold on the ball when scrambling - duuuuuuuuuuuuu.

See ya - take your action somewhere else.

Its nice to live in a democratic society eh AMG... nice to be able to say what you think isn't it. YOu can post YOUR opinion others can post theres....

who are you to be "embarrassed" by the comments about Maas, thusfar? These are the opinions of what people think and feel, and for you to sit there and tell them the are disgusting and that you are embarressed is a damn joke... we all say what we will, beacause we can...

So hear this....

Good riddance to Maas, he is and will always be a backup, he did nothing for this team, nor the city, we all owe him nothing... I hope he rots in Montreal...

You could tell Jason was upset in that interview. He was saying that he gave his all in Hamilton.

I`m sure he did.

As a person I like Jason, he has a lot of heart and passion for football but truthfully he just couldnt get the job done in Hamilton. He wasnt a good quarterback. Its not personal, its business.