show a agro loss but no ticat win???

thursdays nights game hamilton beat the argos....and the agros lost they show it in the standings but they dont show the ticat win...why???are the argo fans running the site???

No doubt it's really frustrating to see these errors continue, so I decided not to put any energy out to feed the negative and just focus on football.

…OMG, BC is higher in the standings than my team and we haven’t even played a game yet…the only thing that gives me balance though is Edmonton is last in the west standings…

Are you spelling Argo wrong on purpose?

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While we are complaining, the Ottawa /esk game the anthem was sung and it was the new version that have been not approved yet, nor should it.

The new words were sung by the singer at BMO Field too and there was a low level but noticeable cheer through the crowd at that point in the anthem.

I was in the crowd and I noticed the brief boos in our section.
Kind of like in Quebec when the second half of the national anthem is sung in English

The caching on that part of the data feed was set up a bit oddly (effectively caching it halfways); just needed a little tweak to output properly. Sorry about that dudes.

WTF are you talking about? The new lyrics were booed at BMO Field:

[url=] ... nd-lyrics/[/url] [url=] ... bmo-field/[/url] [url=] ... rgos-game/[/url]

You are the director of media technology for the CFL?
Do you work as many hours a week as the players? Haha
You do realize the CFL has no idea what media technology is. Otherwise they would have had a video game out 30 years ago!!!

I still have the game on PVR and on TSN and through my surround sound audio system you can definitely hear both some claps (applause) and cheers at that point in the anthem. I honestly do not detect anything I can identify as booing.

And that reaction would make sense since polling done on the word change has shown the overwhelming majority of Canadians approve of the change. The last poll I saw done by Mainstreet of over 2,000 Canadians in May had it at 62% to 19% in favour of the new words. Wwhich of course are actually much more like the original words - "True patriot love thou dost in us command?.

Pat.. you are fighting a losing battle.. The vocal minority will go on about Trudeau and how he is part of some Liberal conspiracy to turn us all into metrosexual god hating folk who hate work.

I still have the game on my PVR and I clearly hear booing.

I was at the game and I clearly heard booing.

The media that was at the game clearly heard booing and reported it.

I have not spoken to a single person who wants the lyrics to be changed.

Poll have also shown people are Against changing the anthem:

[url=] ... anged.html[/url]

You are of a minority opinion and so are all the people you know. You might want to consider running in different circles.The article you posted is very old, and attitudes have changed since then.

The poll I referenced in favour of the changes was a poll done in May of this year.