Shovels in the Ground for the new Mosaic Stadium

The continuation of new CFL stadiums being built, continues!
I am wondering if they are only going to build this stadium between planting and harvest season in Saskatchewan, as they have pointed towards a 2017 opening.

More like a realistic timeline so that all games for the opening season can be held as planned rather than having a year delay, alternate pre-season location, or pushing back the regular season home-opener dates.

it will never be ready on time, I can tell by the way they put the shovel in the ground :roll:

Yeh, but wait till they call in the Gophers. Ever seen how quick they can dig a hole? :lol: :lol:

WHAT A PILE OF CRAP.... That is nothing more then an advertizment for PCL... I am currently working for the Muther effers right now so I know that they should all be wearing grey hardhats(no way any of them are construction managers , other then the &%#licker from PCL)... Furthermore... the machinery should of been flagged with tape as alas PCL is also a saftey leader...LMAO

Cool your chestlumps (apparently the normal word has been disallowed...), it's just a ceremonial ground-breaking... And no, they aren't construction managers, they are representatives of the stake-holders of the project, i.e. people from PCL, the architects, the Riders, the city of Regina, the province of Saskatchewan, Mosaic Potash Company, the exhibition association, etc.

The whole thing is just a photo-op/media & public relations event, so...

I can't wait to see it built!

so many new buildings coming up for sports these days!

Toronto - DREAM. Ok, you've got BMO and the bowl for the Blue Jays. :stuck_out_tongue: Livin' on a prayer... Everyone in TO is on the edge that Bon Jovi buys the Bills. :lol:

Phil Lind, you done good there getting football a higher profile. :twisted:

But to be fair, Toronto has Canada's only MLB team, and the only one likely in a long, long time. :wink:

...exactly, and besides how do you know PCL is even Prime Contractor yet (assuming Sask has the same or equivilent to PC here in Alberta)...if they're not PC Bungle then your b!tching is misguided...

Best to let Bugle boy vent on here and save any girl that may be in his life from his self admitted other way he takes out his rage. Take one for the girl I suggest. I'm guessing his "supplier" is out at the moment and therefor the slight withdrawl pangs are getting to him a bit.

4 Brand new stadiums :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
4 Stadium Renos :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:
and then there's Toronto :cry: :thdn: :thdn: :oops:

I can't say I know the industry terminology, but it was PCL's bid that won, so I would assume that they will be the equivalent to the Prime Contractor? I'm not sure if the P3 contract would even allow them not to be.

I am in the carpenters union and have no loyalty to any one company. They are all quite similar in that they have fictious injury numbers and and talk nonsense when theytell guys that they are ,"brothers" and ,"family" yet lay you off at Christmas time. PCL just happens to be the worst offender (IMO) in their ridiculous, "Not Even a Scratch" program... You basicly have to report all injuries, even scratches, or you will be fired... Did I mention that if you report an injury that you will go to the top of the layoff list.

I work for PCL now because of flights to Vancouver AND IT BEING UNION.. most PCL jobs are non-union or CLAC and I have worked for those breasts of the company before... PCL tends to hire baglickers( a very common term in industrial construction)
Being a haRD worker will get you fired (too dangerous) Being talented will get you laid off (you will show up your boss who has a 10th grade education) It is only the baglickers that succeed in securing long term employment with the same company. My strategy has been to collect as many retention bonuses as possible... You see you get a 500-1000 dollar signing bonus on condition of eventual layoff to shortage of work. With this job I will probably only get 3-4 months out of it but get 500 bucks and an extra $1.75 for every hour I work... When it is time to move on I will simply stop playing lazy and dumb and start to work hard and start to show my bosses better ways of doing each job and that I know what I am doing. I will be laid off shortly after that. That is exactly what I did last winter and it worked beautifully... I payed 50K in income taxes in 2013 so no I did not feel guilty collecting EI for 2 and a half months.

Hope you didn't spend all that EI money. If you paid 50K in taxes you will have a repayment rate attached to your EI and will pay it all back next tax return.

only 30% of it... There would be no point in collecting it if you payed it all My single largest expense is the government... It really makes me sick.... I almost am hoping to get cancer later in life just so I can get some of the money back.... :wink: a cool 500K for a transplant or something will get a few years of my income taxes back... God knows what kind of corporate welfare my taxes pay... I know for sure it doesn't go to infrastructure here in Vancouver when every bridge they build here has a toll on it... Nor does it go to bullet trains in Alberta or even to that joke of a hyway (63) that goes to Ft. Mac. This country makes me ill.. You ever notice that Alberta has the two oldest stadiums in the CFL (other then Molson) and has the two oldest arenas in the NHL.... Of course that is corporate welfare , so god knows where Alberta's money goes...

Holy burn :rockin: ...
For one I do enjoy my booze, but haven't used pot much for over a decade..
As for wife battery.. I relayed a story where I learned a valuable lesson and you instead use it for ridicule. That was also over a decade ago... That being said, I do not now lead a lifestyle that allows me to have any sort of long term relationships with women... Spending a grand total of 6 days out of 21 in your home city may allow you to maintain a relationship, but makes it very difercult to start one. So the women of the world are safe from this self admitted wife abusing drug

That's hilarious!!! lol The little old lady scooped more than the Mayor, lol.