,,,....Should've thought twice

…Just reflecting back on the pre-season activities concerning a couple of players…Warner and Samuels…who are now part of the -out-of-the-playoffs esks…I wonder if they could… would they reconsider their idiotic moves ,before training camp even opened and walked on the Bombers…Warners case…signing on with the Arena league… as much as to say, adios, to the BigBlue…and Samuels…‘oh yeah i’ll be back for sure guys’ scenario and then signed with the esks…Well guys, looks like YOU get to go back home early … while the team you crapped on is going on in the play-offs…looks good on ya :lol: i hate to be vindictive…but Samuels really hurt our secondary with his decision… and Warner could have been valuable…guess the Bombers get the last laugh… :lol: :lol:

I guess your right paps, both players would of helped in our depth department...seems like Tamon had his heart set on Mr Dredlocks from Riderville playing the D line...he lasted one game and was replaced by the wrecking ball, from Montreal..

A smart GM wouldn't have taken it personally and would have resigned Warner who is a force but Taman has too big an ego for that. He really got lucky with signing Haywood because nobody knew he was this good.

If I had a choice I would go with Haywood instead of Warner. This guy might not have the physical attributes of Warner but sure has more fire. Samuels would surely have helped us. Hopes he enjoys the golf. No bonus pay this year. What's the word on Bolden for this week?