Should've been on ESPN

An entertaining game last night, certainly better than many we've seen this year. It's a shame that they pulled it from ESPN because they didn't think the stadium was boss enough. I watched it on TV and it looked fine, even kind of cool. The game's supposed to be about the players on the field, not the stands and that one was certainly more interesting to watch than the Argo-Rider game played in front of a full house at a regular stadium.

Last night's game was not the one that was to be on ESPN. This Thursday's game was.

My mistake, but the point I'm making still applies.

I hear you and agree with you.

does this post still stand if thursdays game isn't as entertaining as last nights lol

I was at the game and watched the highlights on CFL.CA, it's looked awesome, in fact it looked better then some current CFL stadiums :thup: The stadium only holds 5500, and some how they they jammed 6500 in there :rockin:

I hope the shoehorn didn't hurt too much? :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The stadium lights were so bright that it looked like the fourth quarter was being played during the daytime. It is a good stadium.

the stadium actually has 4 massive light standards. TSN brought in their own additional light standards as they did some tests and found the endzones to not be bright enough for TV. weird because when they covered the MAC Calgary Semi finals they didn't do this. bigger audience, higher standards i suppose

I could not disagree any stronger. Playing in a stadium that small is a joke, and only done out of absolute desperation. It makes Hamilton look bad, and drags the rest of the thriving league down with it. No chance of having that on ESPN embarrassing the league.

When you look at stadiums like Toronto, BC, Edmonton, even though they are half to 3/4 full it's looks terrible on TV with all those empty seats !! A full stadium no matter what the size looks way better !

6,500? Are you kidding me? This is a professional league, not high school. If you think 3/4 full with 40,000 in Edmonton "looks terrible" compared to your little 6,500, you're seriously lacking in judgement.

I went to Regina for the Grey Cup last year, now that stadium is brutal, that stadium should be condemned, not sure if it's even safe ! even last nights game, emty endzone seats looks terrible. Winnipegs new stadium has way too many endzone seats that are empty on a continual basis.

Getting back to the original post, yes it should have been on ESPN. It doesn't matter how the stadium looks on TV it's about diplaying entertaining CFL football.
This was the first good game in the CFL so far this year. Up until last night ESPN viewers have been exposed to the CFL at it's worst.
Tiger Cats and Ottawa both looking good. The Argos and Als.................?

40 000 in Edmonton is closer to 2/3 full than 3/4. also thats an outlier as it was the largest CFL crowd of the season. 10 000 at the rogers centre looks worse than 6500 in a packed stadium. its like having a 10 000 sq foot house but only furnishing 20% of it lol. vs a 1500 sq foot house beautifully decorated :lol:

Funny, I was at the Grey Cup too (remember, when we kicked your you know what) and the stadium was awesome. Really, a cheap shot at Taylor Field because I dare to say playing before 6,500 is a joke? That's your response?

Maybe you're not aware we're currently building a spanking new jewel of a stadium that will be open on time for 2017. Maybe THF will be open by then too.

That's right Taylor field was a JOKE, just like there obnoxious fans :lol: now go back to your riders site :x

Seriously man go away