Shouldnt The Arghos Worry About the Game

Car buying and pranking??

Maybe they can use it to drive their over-inflated Ego home to get ready for the rematch after we paste them again, on Labour Day?

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Look what we bought off Kijiji! What should we do to it? Labour Day week can't come soon enough

I'm surprised Braley coughed up enough pocket change to let them pull that stunt. I remember we did something similar back in the late 80's or early 90's - the team (or CHCH or CHML, can't remember) bought a junked car and painted it two-tone blue. It had all the glass removed, and then parked in Gore Park, and for a dollar, you could take a few whacks at it with a sledge hammer. The cash went to one of the team's charities, and we lay a beat-down on the car AND the blew team that Labour Day...

Well if they decide to destroy the car then it will be a terrible fate for a good Corolla! :frowning:

As for coughing up the change to purchase it - I suspect that the new ownership is starting to invest in a bit of much-needed marketing. There were ads on Global Toronto before the home opener vs the Riders and I see that they are now running occasional ads to promote the September 11th Argo/Ticat game. That one could have their best attendance of the season! :roll: (at least at the RC). Since they narrowly beat the Ticats twice last season in their barn, they may be feeling a bit confident that they will take that game too. Looking forward to the Ticats putting the boots to the blueblue team in the back-to-back LDC games!

you still owe me a fiddy burger! I will collect this monday

I'll be honest, I'm a little worried about this game with how many players we got banged up.

Norwood, Sears, Daly and Archambault are now on the six game with Fantuz, Gable, Bulcke, Watt and Gaydosh

On top of that Grant, Woodson, Dyakowski, O'Neil, Bomben, Hickman and I believe Figueroa aren't practicing and could be banged up and might not play.

You could practically build a starting lineup with all those players!

So I did

Check this out, this is the Ti-Cats current injury team (meaning players who are either on the injured list or have not recently been practicing). Apart from a Centre, a Long Snapper, 2 Linebackers and 1 Defensive Back, you have a team there that's better then some CFL teams this year.

LT - Dyakowski
LG - Simmons
RG - Rice
RT - Figueroa
SB1 - Fantuz
SB2 - Watt
WR1 - Grant
RB - Gable
QB - Masoli
P/K - O'Neill

LDE - Norwood
LDT - Bulcke
RDT - Gaydosh
RDE - Coleman
S - Daly
LB - Archambault
DB1 - Sears Jr
DB2 - Washington
DB3 - Miller

KR - Madu

Toronto Argonauts ?@TorontoArgos 18m18 minutes ago
Thanks to Terry Cabral, who sold us his @Ticats Car for charity! We’re painting it blue at the Sept 11 tailgate! #CFL

Too bad, it is an awesome car that will SUCK! after they paint it blue

I wonder whose autographs are on there?

Or maybe I don't want to know because it would upset me to see them defaced is such an unholy way.

I'll buy the hood to save it

Saw a video of this on Twitter and I'm sure I saw Steinauer's and Butler's signatures and something about Grey Cup. I'll have t try to check it again. Sorry if I ruined your day (night).