Shouldn;t Use Universities to Develop Football Talent

I think we could still develop talent through CIS but there are things that could be improved.

There should be more athletic scholarships to Canadian universities for deserving athletes. Education is also physical. Physical education has a stigma against it that it is less important than academic, and you see less and less emphasis on phys ed. in High School. At the same time you see fatter kids. Excellent athletes should get financial help, as it takes just as much work to train and practice for sports as it does to learn and study for classes.

I don't agree with having CIS rosters filled with kids that aren't actually students of the university. I like the idea of allowing eligibility to go from 5 to 7 years. That would make it a lot easier on CIS athletes to concentrate on both their athletics as well as their academics, as they could spread their classes out over a longer period of time. They should have to attend classes though and maintain a good average. The universities could offer extra tutoring to their athletes to help them out since a lot of their time would be taken up with training, travelling, playing, etc.

The CIS needs more money and exposure so that they can attract more athletes as well. I think a good way to do that is to get them on TV. I think something the government could do is use the CRTC to obligate television stations to show some CIS on their stations. For every hour of NCAA sports a station shows, they have to show an hour of CIS sports.

At first some people might say this would be crazy because the NCAA is "better" right? But they have the better athletes because they have more money to recruit them, and they have more money because they have better exposure, and they have better exposure because they have better athletes. It's a cycle. If the big gov made stations show CIS, they would have more exposure, more exposure means more money, more money means better athletes, which in turn begets more exposure as more people tune in to watch better and better teams!

This would help the CFL as you would have more top athletes learning their football skills in the Canadian format, and you wouldn't have to worry about teaching so many American grads the new rules.

I Think the cis schools will join the ncaa i think that laval will try to join the ncaa in the next few years in in 1-AA OR DIV 3.I think the only way better the canadian talent is to put them directly with usa talent who would you draft a qb from university of toronto or a kid out of ohio state?lets be honest the kid from ohio state regardless of rules will have a training than cis kids and even most cfl players to be honest.Its not knocking the cfl or cis but the base of players is small and the bigger fish too fry is in the states just join the ncaa offer 89 scholarships and get some coaches and pump billions into the programs and you should get results

The CIS could exist on its own and produce quality players. Look at Jesse Lumsden with Hamilton, and compare him to Darren Deitrech. The Canadian who starred in a US school. Lumsden starred with Hamilton, while Deitrich has been a third stringer with Edmonton.

Our problem is not all our best play university footgball. Just like university hockey, where very few make it to the NHL.

We need a better system if we want increase the talent base in this coutnry. And what now what we're doing is not the answer.


how much time to you think CIS football players actually need to spend in class?

I mean alot of them take classes by distance education and select classes so they only have classes like 2-3 days a week. Classes do not affect their ability to play.

The CIS does need more sponsorship(hello CBC?) same with the CJFL(Sportsnet, the score??)

the CIS does need more teams(8 per conference)
However considering the way the canada is setup it is not possible to tier the leagues without a huge increase in sponsorship + players not having to worry about academics at all.

Players need to get educations, what do you expect all these guys to do after their playing career?

any good league to develop CFL talent needs over 2 dozen teams and if those guys aren't getting an education what is going to happen to the.. half? that don't even stick in the CFL for one season?

the CJFL and CIS need more support from Canada's Media to get it more coast to coast coverage.

CBC is supposed to show amature sports well come on CBC, step up and start broadcasting the CJFL and CIS at the very least locally, there are already stations for every region across canada, so it should be easy to broadcast most CIS and CJFL games.

A good TV/media deal for the CJFL and CIS means they have alot more $$ to give sponsorships and makes it easier for more universities to have teams.

Lowering the education standards is NOT the answer.

on a side note the CJFL is fairly well known atleast it in western canada it seems to be. you got to be pretty oblivious not to have atleast a minor knowledge of the Winnipeg Rifles if you live in Winnipeg. they have adds in the free press often, all around Canad Inn stadium along with other locations.

lol - I went to school with a few Huskie football players, as well as a member of the training staff...they never missed a class, and graduated at the same time I did, with the required far as I know, no distance education classes were taken, since I had 5 of 6 of my classes with one of them, and attended class with him 5 days a week...

Junior football is a step below university football. Most of the prairie university teams used to allow kids to play jr. football for 2-3-4 years then come to university to play (e.g. Saskatoon Hilltops, Regina Rams) B.C. used to have the Vancouver Meralomas whose players used to then go to UBC and SFU after junior careers at 21 or 22 years of age--- if they could get into school with grades. Junior football (22 and under) is a good brand of football. University ball in Canada has older guys playing and generally the overall size and age are bigger and older players!

We could produce a deeper talent base of football players. Like we do hockey players. But we just don't have the proper system in place.

Because I think what you see playing in the CIS is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to football talent in this country.

But the system shuts out most kids if they can't get in on their highschool grades. Meaning alot of talent falls by the wayside.

I mean I'm sure in Toronto alone there's dozens of kids good enough to play football but who grow up in these disadvantaged areas, so they have no where to go after highschool. Very sad if you ask me.

I don't think the NCAA would be needed if the schools had billions to pump into the programs and had scholarships to offer.

University football is starting to show up more and more on TV now but it is not widely advertised. The Score has games of the week and specific college shows and at least here in Winnipeg the local cable channel shows alot of the U of M games.

The biggest issue is boosters in the US. People in Canada just don't support their alma maters as they do in the US. They are not nearly as rabid as their American counterparts and that makes a huge difference.

In Canada it's only hockey where a large number of kids are able to make the big-time money in an elite league. So the parents push this for their kids and the leagues are set-up for this. The other sports are relegaded behind hockey.

Schools should be for academics first and other things secondly. That being said, Canadian universities are missing out on the money the alumni give to their schools in the US. Maybe it's sports why the alumni give back so much to the universities there, I don't know. They all want their universities to win the championships, it's so important. People just don't care in large numbers here, which is fine. Just two different cultures and systems.

SFU used to play in Division 1-AA in football. Then they returned to fulltime to CIS. I think cost and other factors contributed to it. As they still play some sports such as Lacrosse in 1-AA.

For Canadian Universities there is not the big incentive to get into NCAA. For one the revenue sharing and politics makes it harder for the universities.

well i agree two different type of people to be honest i dont think canada is that fanatical to make college football coaches the highest paid government employees look it up us college coaches are the highest paid state employees in alot of states.i dont think canada would do that and i think yall should dump the cis and play ncaa rules join and build programs up..... a few 80 to 100 seat stadiums and join the big dogs it will cost billions

YOu are kidding??? I really hope you are?

University is about academics ... there are plenty of amature leagues for players that do not want to go to university. Do not get me wrong, I think university sports are good things as it allows young people to be involved in their sport AND get additional education for their future careers. Lets be realistic about this, there is not a single CFL player that can retire on the money they make with the CFL nor is there ever likely to be. Yes some can continue on as coaches, but that is really only a handful of people.

Yes, perhaps the age for Junior ranks can be adjusted for those people that are not suited or interested in the university experience. Most universitied I know have limited resources for the programs there were designed to develop, so I can not see them spending money on sports for people that are not even taking classes.