Shouldn;t Use Universities to Develop Football Talent

I see the problem we have in Canada in developing a deep talent pool of Canadians for the CFL is the system we are using.

For some reason we are trying to copy the American system of using universities. But the thing is down there they offer atheltic scholarships to let in those who wouldn't make it on brains alone. Therefore the best football talent in that country plays in their university system.

Up here, if you haven't got the average, you don't get into alot of Canadian schools. Even if you can throw the ball 50 yards on the line. So what happens is alot of potential talent goes by the wayside.

I say we should form a CHL type league for football in this country. Where our best young football players, say 17-20, will be able to play and develop their talents without worrying about getting a 75 average to continue their football career.

These teams could even represent the various universites, but the players wouldn't necessarily have to attend classes at the universtiy. Though they could live on campus. Like CHL players are billetted.

The good players could go onto the CFL. The ones who don't make it would be allowed to attend university with a special educational scholarship.

The Vanier Cup is in a few weeks, but it won;t be made up of the best players in Cnaada. Far from it.

We have to think of a new system to develop all the available football talent in this country. Because we're missing out on alot of potentially talented players. Not just the ones who can pass an English exam!

I'm all for allowing those academically capable into the university system. If you don't make the grade, you don't get in, regardless of talent. In my opinion, getting in with a crap average only so you can play a sport takes that education away from someone who is more academically deserving.

Living on campus, if you're not directly representing the university, isn't a viable option in many places. In Saskatoon this year, for instance, local residents were asked to open up their homes for the simple reason that there were not enough spaces anywhere else for university students to live. Campus spots should be reserved for those who deserve it, and people who do not attend classes are not, to me, deserving.

It already more or less exists. The CJFL.

Ottawa used to have the Sooners in it, and more recently the Jr Riders. I'm not sure about the Sooners, but travel costs were murder on the Jr Riders and they had to move back to the QJFL (a junior league in Quebec) after only a few years.

I'm in total agreement that the CFL needs to tap every possible resource of talent. In this case, they don't even have to "form" a whole league. They could help by promoting the existing ones and with minimal financial assistance. I doubt the QJFL or CJFL would object.

Yeah, I've heard of that league, but it really wasn't well promoted.

My theory is to have these teams affiliated with the university in that city. So that the Western Mustangs etc continue to exist, but only as a team representing the univiversity.

That way the university would pay the freight, and make money off ticket sales. As they do right now with the current setup.

Thing is these players wouldn't have to be students of that school. But they'd represent the school. Most would go to local highschool, but would be there to increase their football skills, Like CHL players do.

This way we get the best football talent together to increse their skills.

Because right now its really the best of the bunch who can get into university. If that was the case in hockey, who knows if Mario or Gretzky would have ever made the NHL?

Its called the CJFL and you can play if you dont turn 23 during the season. They should make the age higher at 23 they are just getting developed. hey announced a few weeks ago that2 places in Ontario willl be getting teams again. In BC we have about 7 teams heres the site make sure you support it too.

Josh Boden came from the Surrey Rams...

Rob Cote came from Victoria Rebels I believe. Although he is from Calgary and his brother is the qb in Victoria as well.

Junior football has been around for a very very long time, and many players have come from there.

Even forty years ago my dad took me to some junior games between the Edmonton Huskies and the Edmonton Wildcats. Good football!

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In fact the University of REgina Ram came from the junior league.

It used to have more importance then the university system. But know I am not so sure.

Universities should be offering full scholarships to Canadian students. It makes sense not only from an economic sense, but from an educational sense, and from a community sense.

Developing young atheletes is just as important as developing young teachers or young lawyers.

There will be those who say scholarships shouldn't be allowed for atheletics but that is just wrong and narrow minded.

The media is to blame here also its all CHL hockey crap and the 400 games each team plays every year.

25 would be a good cutoff point. I don't know about anywhere else, but the junior leagues here (Ottawa) go from 18-23, but there's also the senior varsity level which is 17-19.

Doesn't seem to make much sense to me to have that overlap. I'd just as soon see varsity retain its age range and see junior be from 20-25 (inclusive).

Probably a good reason for it that I'm just not aware of though.

I don't know how the CJFL gets its players, but it must be from local tryouts.

But really, this league isn't very well publicized. Probably alot of football players don't even knmw it exists.

But we either have to offer atheltic scholarships so that the best football players play in the CIS, or we form a CHL type football league in the spring and sumemer.

Becausee its obvious to me that while our talent base is improving, this current setup isn't maximizing our ability to produce better football players.

I don't see there being a lot of demand for an additional football program in Canada. Regardless of what you set up as a league you still have to prepare a development program and means coaches and managers. No matter what we do to form a league coaches must be hired and paid more than they would make as managers of the local Wendy's. I just don't see it happening. South of the border there is a tremendous development program in place in the NCAA where coaches are paid more than their NFL counterparts and certainly more than CFL coaches. Litte pretense is made of the fact that NCAA 1 has nothing to do with education. NCAA 2&3 on the other hand is about the same calibre as CIS because they have acedemic standards.

Two approaches would suit me in fixing the talent gap due to acedemic reuirements:

  1. Go to Div 1 and Div 2 college ball in Canada. Select the top 10-12 programs to play in Div 1 so that the best players get the best competition.

  2. Extend elligibility to 7 years from 5 so that players need take fewer courses every year and can concentrate more on football. An extra 2 years means Canadian players showing up at CFL camps will be men and not boys.

Either way each player would gain more experience at a higher level of play and be ready for the pro game.

My point is why then do these atheletes who attend university even have to go to classes at all?

IF their goal is professional sports, they should live on campus and train and then represent the school in athletic events.

The football team would still represent the school, but the players wouldn't have to attend class. Just like students who go for educational purposes don't have to take part in athletics to get their degree.

Then when their three or four years are up, if they aren't drafted by the CFL, the university could give them some kind of educational scholarship.

But we have to change our methods right now. Because its ridiculous to expect universities to raise football players.

And its ridiculous to expect these football players to improve their skills when they need to pass the English exam or they're out.

Smarter better educated football players are better football players,what needs to change is the bias against the top cis Talent who dare to pursue football at the pro level, qb,s get no opportunity at all, even though they know the Canadian rules. IMO the CFL should sponser a feeder league comprised of 4 teams. Each owned by two cfl teams, games could be played as double headers prior to cfl games. cheers

I don't know if going to university makes them any smarter. Just look at the NFL as your prime example of being able to succeed with not much upstairs.

But I like your idea about the CFL sponsoring teams. Like the old NHL days.
But we have to change the system up here. Because I think there's alot of talent that is being wasted.

At the same time it will give kids who never have a chance under this system to pursue their dream of becoming a pro athlete.

But do cash strapped CFL clubs have the financial ability to sponsor these teams?

I like the idea of a single CIS div1 league. It would force universities like Toronto or York to piss or get off the pot. But again, economics come into play. Who's going to pay for the travel of these teams?

Good point. I don't think they do

I hate to point it out while you seem to be bashing student athletes but you have some bad punctuation in your post title.