Should Wpg. hire Lance Armstrong to toughen up the Bombers?

Just think what Lance Armstrong could do for the Bombers. He bounced back from cancer and developed a strength and conditioning program that enabled him to win 7 Tours de France (seven 2000 mile races)!!!

Lance could put Buck Pierce on a program that would make him strong as a bull and twice as mean. Our defense would be almost injury free and better than they were 2 years ago. The O-line would steamroll opposing defenses and would be an impenetrable barrier for the QB. Our kickers could increase their average distances by 20%.

The Grey Cup would be ours again, fair and square. Due to a conspiracy by the USADA and his jealous teammates to frame a man that NEVER failed a drug test in his life, Lance Armstrong is unemployed and looking for vindication.

I think we should hire him. What do you think?

Since you ask, no. should hire him and bulk him up to go after obvious trolls.

No. Not to take anything away from someone who has fought cancer, but the CFL has a drug policy in place which would prohibit his kind of toughness. BTW, he no longer has won 7 tours, those have been vacated.

"the CFL has a drug policy in place" :lol: :roll: :lol:
You can't erase history, though special interest groups try to re-write it in vain.
Nobody can take away or diminish what Lance Armstrong did, as hard as they may try.
He's simply the best cyclist the world has ever seen or will see--period.

Sure. Just like computers are the best chess players. If the playing field isn't level, the result is as meaningless as a Soviet election. Who cares?

Lance called, he's busy and asked me to lock the thread :lol: