Should we start Crandell next week against BC?

Do you think Coach Austin should start Crandell in the next game?

No. And dont even start this.

Let me think about that…NO!!!

No. As bad as the game looked, think about this:

First drive - some idiot on the Rider bench makes a comment and takes Calgary from a punt situation to a first down and eventual touchdown. No mouthing, Calgary punts and Riders have the ball. 7 point swing.

Riders get ball to Calgary 6 and Jones gets nailed on procedure. Throws INT and Calgary scores on a bomb. 14 point swing.

Second half right after the Riders score out of the gate - Rider lineman takes inside route and lets Burris out to throw a deep bomb for a TD. Could have been a deep sack and Rider ball following a punt. 7 point swing.

Riders looked horrible and yet if three plays are changed just a bit, the Riders come out on top. We are not anywhere near as bad as the score looked and we will be doing better very very soon.

KJ is definitely good enough to win with. Good enough to win GC with IMHO. But he is not good enough to carry a team. There are a few QB's in this league who are that good, but not KJ.

But unless we are going to get AC, RR, DD, HB (on a good day), ?CP?, then KJ is our guy. No need to panic if he doesn't carry us over a hot Stamps, with a hot Burris, and the hot bombers (out for revenge). Just be happy knowing that if the riders have a solid game all around, 9 times out of 10, KJ will be good enough. Austin has given him the ability to "not lose games".

Just my $0.02.


I don't think all the blame should go to Joseph, however if the decision was made to go to Crandell i wouldn't be angry, as he has proved to be an accurate thrower most of the time.

No way this was not a Qb problem maybe the basic game plan could be changed run the ball a little more take the heat off the QB and the oline needs to give the guy sometime

How can we possibly be talking about how poorly Kerry Joseph played? Did anyone else notice the defense gave up 5 touchdowns and 564 yards?

Only one bright spot in this game. Holmes was great on kick returns.

All phases of this team minus special teams was outplayed badly, I don't fault Kerry in particular, and Crandell was in there in mop up time so he's going to look better.

The offense couldnt sustain any drives which meant the defense kept coming back out and were tired, and the defense couldn't stop anything or when they did they took a penalty, so the offense was cold.

Of course once we finally make a play on defense ( the interception ) and capatilize on it with a big touchdown to start the 2nd half and momentum is clearly on our side, we make multiple screws up on a 2nd and long play that results in a huge touchdown to immediately take away any momentum we've built up.

You have to stick with Kerry next week.

I think Joseph should start but given a short leash....Joesph has played poorly and is either very hot or very cold... They need to capitalize on his running ability ...hello Henry...he is NOT a pure pocket passer.

This team needs a shakeup... and the defense is where the shakeup needs to start. I think Kornegay, McCullough & Gordon should start, we need to get another D tackle that can make a good push, Shultz and Adams are not getting it done.

A very angry Austin was quoted as saying they will be reviewing all positions including coaching... if he fails to send a message, I fear we are no better off than the "Old Regime"

Just be lucky KJ is still healthy and you can start him. If I were you I'd want KJ to start over Crandell anyday of the week. A much better QB.

Anyhow, enjoy second place. It looks good on you.

No way in hell do we start Crandell. The only thing we should maybe do, is next time a game gets out of hand like yesterday is maybe pull KJ sooner. But that's the least we should do.

PS: Don't worry RLR you'll get 2nd place back soon.But i'm afraid you'll probably have to share it with the stamps.

Perhaps if he struggling pull him for a few series and let him watch Crandell and see if he can pick some things out on the sidelines and then re-insert him back and see if it helps.

I wouldn't start Crandell, but if KJ can't get the offense moving after 5 drives, put in Crandell. Look what Towriss did with the Huskies yesterday, pulled Thompson for Nixon...outcome...WIN

Quarterback isn't quite as important in CIS as it is in the CFL though, but it is a good example.

No, leave KJ where he is, start by fixing the defense which is hasn't performed well for how long. Then move onto getting that pumped energy back into this team. They are flat and forgetting they are supposed to be professional players. If they are still losing after that, then look at starting Crandell.

No, the QB has not been the biggest problem with our past two performances.

You bet I want Crandell, heck, even start your third stringer, wait, put Kent Austin back in as QB. :lol: :lol:

Serious, as much as I want the Lions to win, Joseph is your meal ticket for the season and the playoffs. Crandel should only go in if he's injured.

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus! :lol: :lol: :lol:

CRANTUZ! Crandell - Fantuz, enough said.

You have to at least start KJ. Like it has been said before, if he can't get our O moving then you can't hesitate to make the switch before the game is too far out of hand.

However one guy that better not even see the field is Chatman..this guy is a pathetic excuse of a defensive the h*ll do you let 3 easy touchdowns get by you..god gave you hands and legs for a reason Jermaine so time to use them. I don't get how he can cut underneath Milt Stegall of all people and make the int. then sit back and let Copeland catch 2 balls that should of easily been knocked down if not picked off and then not even turn around on Rambo's TD. Way to inconsistent...