Should we or shouldn't wee?....

Cheer for the blue team?

I know, I know, it's heresy, but (and this is a big but). If the blue team finishes ahead of the 4th place team in the west they would then be our opponent for the East Semi-Final. Currently they are 4 points behind that 4th place team - the BC Lions.

After considering the possibilities I would have to say NO. The reason? I would rather have the Cats play the 4th place team in the Semi-Final as they likely would have "achieved" that objective by losing 2 or 3 of their last few games at the end of the season.

I'd rather the blue team over the Bombers any day as long as Kelly's their coach. I hate his guts. A few more losses will hopefully get him turfed, pardon the pun.

never cheer for the blue team. I hope both teams play horrible.

end thread.

They are both Blue and the both stink. I don't want either to win

As Much as I hate the Crossover I Rather Have Wally and His Boys the East Final

Methinks it a bit PREMATURE to be penciling in BC as the 4th place West division team.

Furthermore, in a WIN or go home situation, Wally is the LAST coach I’d want to face.


8) Me too. The Lions would like nothing better than to pay us back for those 2 early season losses !!
 You could rest assured that Wally would have them more than ready to knock us off !!

Good grief. What are you, new?

No. We never cheer for the blue team. Never. Repeat after me...never cheer for the blue team.

Cranky. I actually thought it was in the fine print in the season ticket holder agreement.

I hope they tie.

No I'm not "new".

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I'm a life time fan of the Cats. The point of my posting was to get some discussion of who we, Ticat fans, would like to see as an opponent in the Semi Final as we seem to be destined to finish 2nd. That may not be true, however, as we still have a possibility of finishing first. That would be the best of all possible outcomes of course.

Make that a scoreless tie. Total ineptitude for both teams.

Wait a minute, calling those groups of individuals "teams" gives them too much credit...