Should we now trade Bishop back to Toronto?

Coach Matthews is starting Cody Pickett (reported on He has no faith in Joseph i guess or simply wants to see hoe Cody plays.

Trade Bishop and Palmer to Toronto for a defensive end.

WHat you all think?

opps how Cody plays.

Excuse me? Do you need directions to rehab? I am sure you are just kidding, but I don't see the smiley faces.

If you're not, please explain your reasoning and thoughts behind this statement.

I agree with 100% on this oneā€¦

i am kidding.
Bishop is our main man, but the reason i put it there was after our last game, roundtable on 620 CKRM 80% of the calls were for Durant to come in, and even start the next game.

I guess u neilca and gilthethrill arent one of them which is good.

I like Durant and think if Bishop is ever having a really bad game he should get a chance to go in and help us out. However, it is too late in the season to be messing with our QB's. We need some consistency here.

It would be pretty funny if we ended up trading Bishop to Toronto for Joseph.

We could work some sort of deal with them so we could use our players inter-changably and swap week-to-week to reduce travel costs when we'd otherwise have to fly players halfway across the country.

i think we should keep bishop because in situations when we need a touch down he can throw that ball so far! all i can say is anyone is better than crandel now

Personally i think the radio show is stupid and for the 85 year olds that watch the game by themselves with now one to bitch too. IMO

Secondly the back up QB is always the most popular, in 89 everyone was crying to get Burgess to come in over Austin, last year everyone one wanted Crandell over Joseph. Its just the way our fans are, we could have Tom Brady (before the injury) or Brett Farve as our starting QB and we'd still be calling for Mason Graves to go in to play.

Let Bishop keep goin, i want to see what he can do with our staring O

Well, I'm sure that if Durant hadn't been hurt that game vs Calgary, that Bishop might not have come here.

The injury bug has hit hard, like Aids. it can't be cured right now :frowning: