Should we have kept Speedy B?

This might be hard to answer until we see how FA turns out, but should we have kept Speedy B for 2022?
Justin Dunk on CHCH doesn't believe it was completely "mutual" and that the Cats have Just decided to go younger.( Clip below)
I think , at this moment, we should have kept him one more year as he was one of our clutch receivers down the stretch. That could just be my heart talking though.


Really hard to say until we see what happens. With Burnham out of the mix are we going to go cheap...err younger at receiver with up and comers? Or spend his money on another established veteran for another GC run?

If the team signs Weineke or Duke, I know what my answer will be. But if they go into the season with Acklin, Addison, Whites and Dunbar and just bring more bodies into camp I think we'll regret the move.

With Burnham off the board I'm not certain their plan is to replace him through free agency.


Makes me wonder if one or two of their Negotiation List receivers is going to sign soon. I'm surprisingly okay with Banks leaving/being released. I also think that he and Masoli are joined at the hip.

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Maybe the team knows more about his injuries. They seem to have lingered for a long time.
I don’t think he has gone from being the best player in the league to not being good enough to even play on the team. So, as always, it’s probably about money.

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I am hoping not and he stays with the Als. :wink:

Is Lawler signed?

Not yet.
Suitor thinks he'd look great in green though

I agree 100 percent

It wouldn't matter when the time came for Speedy to leave, it was always going to be painful. If we brought him back, then made this decision next year, the response would be "why would they cut him before we have the GC at home again?"

We won't know whether it's a mistake until later.

I just can’t believe we lost out on the Adarius Bowman sweepstakes.

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Is Lil Speedy ready to step in?

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I heard Rumors yesterday that Speedy wasn't asked to re-sign by the coaches as he was outspoken about his feelings about the "play" in the GC.

not saying it is true, but for those who follow speedy's twitter account know his feelings. he may have let them be known to Coach O.


I'm happy to call BS on that one.

You can't call BS to speedy's outspokenness about the play, as that was all in the public.

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I can call BS as to whether a HOF player gets cut over some tweets.

Some people are obsessed with the kneel, but that doesn't mean it has driven major decisions by the team.

Suitor thinks everyone would look great in green.

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Are we even in the Acklin sweepstakes. If not why aren't we ?

If it means we’re more likely to sign Acklin and Dunbar ( or a big name FA) I’m ok with moving on from Speedy, as hard as it will be to look at him in an Argo or Redblacks uniform. For three years he was the straw that stirred the drink in our offence. Two year layoff and injuries really cut into his production last year. Team may have seen him as more of a role player, part time receiver and returner this year, and asked for a big pay cut to match.
He’ll do well for someone though but don’t think he’ll get back to his 2017-2019 heyday.

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Given he said he would take a pay cut, didn't need to be the guy anymore, and didn't see himself wearing another jersey..... Id guess he wasn't offered a contract.

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Quite possible.

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