Should we bring the "Rather be 1-5 then from Winnipeg&q

Last year the Spec printed out those signs. And its funny, with a win on Friday, we would be in the exact same spot as last year.

Funny how things never changed....

Warning sarcasm ahead

Yup and Winnipeg has no class

Clearly neither does Hamilton with those signs. Try focusing on football and maybe you will score a touchdown.

Sorry if you had been a regular you'd have noted the sarcasm. I'll edit it to leave little doubt


Argoconvert only makes fun of people but can't take it when it is put back towards him...

Just check out all of the negativity that he spews from everypost!

Do we really need guys like him on this board?

Yes, argoconverts negativity is both shallow and pedantic!!!

I can take it just fine. You are sadly mistaken. I was clearing up a misuderstanding

Can we ask the moderators of this forum to have Argoconvert take a holiday for ALL of our sakes?

I used to really like this forum until he showed I am reluctant to post my comments and opinions because I am afraid that he will only ridicule me for them and post negative critsims about me and others!

Would anyone else like to see him banned from this forum for a little while?

Too concerned with rules? Well I have to admit today's display would suggest that, however the name calling is incessant and frankly I'm tired of the hypocrisy of some in the use of personal attacks. Its OK as long as they are not the target. Frankly I don't see them being the good guys even if I am one of the bad guys

Could we ask Catsroar to take a holiday for excessive use of personal attacks? Back to you Cats

So we are in agreement that you are one of the bad guys?

No I said even if. You are trying to hard to read what you want to hear. Besides that AC boycott seems awefully short. I was looking forward to the rest

I second the notion that argoconvert is too pedantic for words, and should take a indefinite holiday.

We don't need his constant negativity in this forum. This is suppose to be a friendly place. um how old are you guys??



Hahaha ya and maybe he should get a time out too. Take it like a man and come up with a response instead of crying about it.

8 in dog years but the Cats are aging me prematurely.

An Argo-Cat fan

and still living in mom's basement.