Should we bring back our cheerleaders

Yes, I suppose you are right. Kind of a sad comment on how much attention I paid to them? :slight_smile:

Will they be back in time for Grey Cup 2021? Wouldn’t it be strange having all other 8 (or 9) teams have representation during the game but not the host team?

One would hope so.

Doesn’t look like they will be “fielding” a team this year, as there have been no notice of auditions or scintilla of word.

The cheerleaders are eye candy. For me build a team that absolutely crushes every opponent and opposes they physicality and mental will each and every game.

They’re back.

I don’t think so. More of the same , maybe more polished. It doesn’t appear to be "cheerleading " in the traditional sense as in the past.

It says they are looking for enthusiastic women AND men. So we can forget the cheerleaders in mini skirts routine. These dancers will all be in tracksuits. That’s the best we’re going to get.

Before you start complaining, you should check out the Calgary Stampeders Outriders cheer/dance team. This is where the new dance coach (Meagan Reid) came from. If you really need to see mini skirts on the field, they don’t disappoint.

I think people should be a little more open minded and not so focused on mini skirts or whatever they wear.

Huh? When did we ever have mini skirts?

And how do you know that ? Maybe the ladies will be in the tracksuits and the men will be the ones wearing the mini skirts . ;D

It will be good to have them back regardless. Seems she has quite the resume to be leading the team. They will add to the game experience.

I guess that’s the norm nowadays. :-[

They are NOT mutually exclusive… why not both? Just in case of the possibility of the couple of times our team is NOT crushing each and every opponent, we have something else to distract us from the reality of the scoreboard.

Dont care either way, im going to watch a ball game

Probably best to just stay home then.

I suppose if it ever gets to the point that five or so two minute dance routines are the difference between a good game experience and a bad game experience, then I have to say you are bang on Garney. And I will stay home then. ;D

It could be the deciding factor between a good game day experience and a…“mediocre” game day experience . That is depending on how well the team is dancing of course ::slight_smile: :wink:

They would have to be elite in order to make a difference IMHO…

The “elite” word should be banned!

Agreed but only when we’re talking about cheerleaders .