Should we bring back our cheerleaders

Should we bring back our Cheerleaders?


The Tiger Cats don’t have a cheerleading squad ??

It’s a “performance team?

Get 'em back like … Yesterday !



YES. :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. A very strong YES !! :slight_smile:

Yes I miss having a cheer calander hanging in my garage! three things are important to me as a fan Football, Cheerleaders and Beer!

LOL. BUT not in that order . ;D

I’m curious about the reason for voting no.

Seen pictures of girls hired to be Atlantic Schooner cheerleaders at the Grey Cup festival and yet our 149 year-old organization has ZERO representation in Edmonton. Something is very wrong with that Caretaker!!

Love the enthusiasm from the Maritimes to promote their new team. Why don’t we have that?

Might I say, on behalf of all the forum contributors, welcome to the latest supreme court member . Just out of curiosity, does the 99 refer to the number of beers on the wall ? :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

There has been games that they are the only bright spot on the field.

OMG…I hear. the future cfl team from Halifax put together a cheerleading squad and sent them to Edmonton. This makes the Ticats look so Mickey Mouse. Also, someone from upper management has said that we will never be going back to our traditional cheerleaders. I suggest we call the Ticats Office and voice our displeasure. We could create a petition and tweet our displeasure and communicate with Bob Young directly


  1. Season ticket holders who feel so strongly about the cheerleaders should let Bob Young know
    how they feel, and just state if no cheerleaders, then no renewal on season tickets !!

The fans actually hold the power in a situation like this, simply let the team know what you are
prepared to do. I’m sure if several hundred renewals are not renewed then the team will have
to look at this whole situation again.

The team will be the eventual losers !!! :-[ :-[

What I would give to be a fly on the wall in the Ticat office when that phone call comes in to say I’m not renewing my football tickets if you do not bring back the cheerleaders.

Then people sitting around with their friends next year… “Cats may be 8-1 but I gave up my tickets cause they got rid of the cheerleaders.”

Then Bob young sitting around with his advisors in 5 years… “We won 4 Grey Cups including one at home… But we never got over that whole cheerleader thing. Biggest regret since selling the team at a huge loss”