Should We Break Up Toronto?

....then split those 32 teams into two ‘Conferences’, a Federal Football Conference (FFC) and a Canadian Football Conference (CFC)...each conference would have 16 teams, across the country...those 16 teams would be split into four divisions, based on regionalism, so there’d be a FFC East division and a CFC South division and so on...then those division would have inter league play but also within their divisions, a home-away against each of their divisional the end of the regular season the division leaders would participate in the playoffs leading up to the Super Grey Cup!!

..this is the only way we’ll attract serious media attention and major sponsors, like NASA, or Skoda if that's possible...

...also, celebrities will see the value in this and support this new league through their social media accounts...famous ppl like David Hasselhoff could really make a difference here...

I was thinking that if Ambrosie and the BOG really wanted to make things happen and think outside the box, they should develop a vaccine for covid now, before the NFL swoops in and does it. Then use the royalties from selling the vaccine to fund 15-30 stadiums across the country and Bob's your uncle. Should be doable for the start of the 2022 season I think.

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...good idea! Maybe sully can update us on how this is possible...his computer isn’t doing actual football work right now so maybe it could help with the Covid-vaccine?

Go big or go home. I think coming out the gate now with a bold aggressive plan will do a lot to restore confidence in the league and that management is appreciative of the looming crisis and dealing with it in head on.

MLS spent the last 20 years on its march to its current size and will probably by at 32 by 2025ish. I dont think setting a goal of 40 by 40 (forty teams by 2040) is out of the question, if we are willing to consider US and Latin American markets, which could generate the cash needed to help pay for Canadian stadiums.

Clearly the CFL needs to have a come to Jesus convo with the big 3 but in particular Toronto. We still have time and if the league is doing serious market research into GTA and looking at options we're in trouble.

Cuz if we think the NFL won't turn it's gaze north here is numbers that should frighten and anger us and illustrates just how much work the CFL has to do but also a glimmer of the potential market size we could potentially tap into:

following are Canadian media ratings
CFL week 1 2019 avg per game viewers 523k
NFL week 1 2020 avg per game viewers 663k

Grey Cup 2019 1,081,000 viewers
NFL 2020 first game of the of the 903k viewers with total unique viewers at 4.5 million.

That's a lot of people who clearly are interested in football just not what the CFL is selling currently. We should also be concerned given the way the larger markets have managed things how many more fans will be lost to the NFL because we didn't run a season?

Getting serious about Toronto now needs be a much larger priority than the BOG, the owners, etc are currently doing anything about. The crisis next year wont just be loss of revenue from this year but likely loss of revenue from not playing this year, just like any sports league has seen when they cancel a season due to strikes, MLB in the 90's and more recently the NHL.

This will continue to erode confidence in the league the longer the league does not respond with how they intend to tackle the current crisis. Failure to do so soon I fear will invite additional trouble for us in the future.

A covid vaccine would be huge, dude.

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You're forgetting the fact that the NFL is on CTV, TSN along with some of the US networks that we have access to.

The CFL is only on one network (TSN).

I believe the CFL made a blunder by sticking to one network TSN and is somewhat undervalued.

Television was one of the biggest reasons the NFL started to get ahead. They also got away with blacking out games as there is another one in its place for viewers to watch.

The CFL did that in the 1980's and now are suffering the consequences of that practice. Losing generations of fans mainly in Southern Ontario.

They did try on NBC in 1982. But a string of blowouts ended that experiment.

Need to get one an actual Broadcasting network. In Canada at least.

...I thought 32 teams was going pretty big, maybe 64 teams is better? And let’s put a third of those teams in Europe....

Could be done, if maybe we treated it kind of like MLB with separate leagues who then compete for the cup., it cannot be done...unless magic beans were employed somehow...

Alas no but fun to think about. But 16 teams is.

A come to Jesus discussion. How has no one thought of this before now?

It took the league a year to find an owner for Montreal. I applaud the enthusiasm and ambition here, but this is going to be a tough go bringing any additional cities into this league at the moment. Those temp stadiums like Empire weren’t built to last more than a few seasons from my understanding - then what? Pony up 20-30 million every few years? Who pays - the owner or taxpayer? And what does the league offer any prospective owner at the moment?

If you try to rush through some type of mega expansion like what they tried in the US in the 90s you’re going to wind up with a bunch of ego- driven self promoters as owners. The Nelson Skalbanias, Horn Chens, and Gliebermans of the world. This thing would fall like a house of cards within 2-3 years.

League needs to focus on getting a season off the ground if at all possible in 2021. Then dive into fixing Argo and Lions attendance in 2022 and getting expansion into maritimes back on track. Build your foundation back up then maybe set some plans in place for long term growth.


To rid the league of the Gilebermans, Chens, sell franchises to other sport entities(Canucks, Oilers), TV sports networks(CTV, Global), Rogers/Sportsnet) and corporations(McCains, Irving for the Atlantic team). Companies that have money and not people that they say have money