Should we be worried??

With how our offense looked today, should we be worried if Fajardo is not back? I’m afraid if Calgary comes here the game will be a bit of a shoot out and I’m not sure we will keep up.

We might win at home without Cody but if we make it to the cup we would have no chance with out him

I really hope Cody is fit to play with 3 weeks off ( last week and the next 2 )

I will say this, if we keep taking stupid penalties, we will NOT win the cup!! And I will say it yet again, macadodo is a bad OC and bad play calls, Next season I sure hope Jeremy finds a new OC. We where lucky to win today!!

Idunno….I was really impressed with Harker in his first start and as a rookie. I have had high hopes on him and thought he looked the best in preseason…I think he showed a mile of potential and will improve quickly with actual game footage of himself to study…he is a very smart man and has intense work ethic. I’d be hard pressed to recall many rookies in their first start looking as good as he did. Sure, there are some that have put up really good stats in their first start…but he looked good. He was pulling back from bad throws, he was escaping (though should have taken off with a couple), he was going through progressions. yeah, he made a few bad decisions, but it was definitely a few. I feel like he where it started to die off was when they got the 10 point lead the staff said “okay, he’s a rookie, time to manage the game now,” which is not a terrible decision, even if they got too deep into management mode. The esks are one of the top couple of defenses in the league. He had a beautiful pass to Evans that should have been caught and probably scored on and 8 points (I will give a pass on the 52 yard miss) left on the field by the kicker. I would rather see CF start, of course, but I wouldn’t hate seeing Harker…or at least feel like he can give the team a respectable chance. No need to fly in an emergency QB anyways

They won because of a solid defensive outing. I’m not so sure they can hold Calgary to under 20. Then again if they make even half the missed FGs they are at 30 pts against a decent defense. His numbers weren’t bad but they need to finish drives in the endzone in the playoffs.

Pretty sad there’s not much action on here, it’s always the same 4 or 5 commenters, Where’s all the excitement?

you can always roll with a facebook group or something.

Two things were settled last night. Riders win the West and their coach is eliminated from the COTY award derby.

Yay! Woohoo!
I’m so excited!
And I just can’t hide it!
I’m about to lose control
And I think I like it!

That’s more like it

Monster win yesterday. Having two weeks off until the west final and playing at home gives us as good a chance as any of going to the Grey cup.

Yeh agreed.
I posted right from the get-go after reading the NFL scouting reviews, and then watching his first performance being quite confident and precise that he was a “Diamond in the Ruff” I really liked his style, and I think you’re right Depop, Harker showed starter qualities and ability when his time comes and his further development with the Riders.
And I like his personality, he’s an intellectual football QB

Impressed with Harker as well…for all the reasons already stated (great poise for a 24 year old QB). But, what I really liked seeing was how he and Fajardo seem to get along and help one another out…epitome of selflessness, leadership and teamwork. I think it speaks volumes to the culture that has been created and fostered within this team. Just very impressed with them both, and frankly the whole team.

That’s not surprising, you think they would want to help each other get better, even if one gets to the playing stage , they could always be traded to a team in need , and bring the next one along ? Unless there are funds to keep both, that would be the ideal situation. But you don’t want to hold a guy back if he can start elsewhere.

Generally not the case, or only within a certain amount. The other dude is the guy you are competing against

I felt Harker played a very good game for his first game. A lot of pressure on his shoulders. The defence kind of went to sleep in the third but came on strong in the fourth. Really, I think all the teams from the west have a good shot at going to the cup. I hope we play Calgary in the final and beat them. Bo didn’t look great and we seem to have their number in the playoffs. Hard to say whether Zac is back after one game. But if we play Winnipeg and he is starting you know he will have a chip on his shoulder. That can be dangerous. I also think we need to watch the penalties and Lauther has been a concern all year. Hopefully, this will give Cody the rest he needs for the final. Should be a good game. Go Riders!