Should we be worried?

With the blew team's upset over Gang Green yesterday and their previous victories over Calgary and Montreal (at home) should we be worried about this Friday's game?

We need to be worried about all the remaining games.

Worried, but also confident.

It's a very important win this time though. We're tied with the Argos and hold the tie-breaker, but since they play the Als twice more and we play the Als and Stampeders (all likely losses for us and the Argos, though nothing can be taken for granted), there's a pretty good chance this week's game will end up deciding second place.

We played well in our last game, and we've beaten the Argos twice. So we should go into this game feeling upbeat. Hard effort on defence with a focus on stopping the run, and very good discipline on kick coverage will be key for us I believe.

Worried? Absolutely not! If the entire team can come together and play sound football down the stretch, we can beat anyone! Now, if we turn the ball over, take dumb penalties to kill or prolong drives, drop passes, have predictable play calling on O and no pressure on D, etc., then yes, be afraid...BE VERY AFRAID!

I think the magic number is 5, although this late in the season I don't know if it means much. It's my calculation and I've never been good in math but for what it's worth, there it is.

5 what?

I means that any combination of Ti cat wins and/or Argo losses that total 5 means we get 2nd. When we win on the 15th the number would drop to 3 (our win, their loss)

Ah. Thanks.

when is the last time one team sweep another team 5 games in one season, including playoffs??

What are the odds?

might be better to lose to TOR now and get it over with.

Or not.

We should be very afraid.

not at all.
I watched the game and the argos don't look very good. They have a horrible offense, if we can stop the run we win.

Who said anything about 5 times?

If we were to beat them friday and again in the playoffs it would be 4.

We should not be in this predicament in the first place! We lost two games we should have win. both we lead by
14 points. So anything can happen this friday. Personally I don't think the cats are there yet. they haven't beaten
any good teams yet. So its 50/50 as far as I'm concerned this friday.

     SO YES BE VERY AFRAID!! <!-- s:cowboy: -->:cowboy:<!-- s:cowboy: -->

your right. I got toronto mixed up with winnipeg. my bad :oops:

not sure why this matters...
the argos have beat, mts, calgary and sask how good are they?

argos beat mts?

Manitoba Telecom Servics?
Manitoba Teachers Society?

so many to choose from :wink:

Tough to call: Argos are a totally unpredictable team. They keep winning, in spite of themselves!

I give the edge to Argos in this game.

Based on what?
ya they could win, its the CFL anyone can win. But if both teams come out and play to there best, Hamilton kills them.

The Argos have a coach and coaches that the players want to play for and while they are not a great team, they are a scrappy group that can beat anyone. We have to be ready and be ready for trickery at any time.

No, unlike the Rider's we need to understand that the Argos have two major weapons in Coery Boyd and Chad Owens and they need to be kept under control. Thankfully, we have the best Linebackers in the CFL and they should be able to handle it. We also need to understand that turnovers will decide the game and Glenn need to sadly understand that taking a regrettable sack or short 3 yard run is far better then an interception.