Should Wally just concede game to Riders??!

Moot point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, considering it's the only way the Riders will take a game against BC, we might consider it.

Thought about it - no.

In the words of my man Geroy: "You're goin' home with a loss".

I have been thinking about the game and I have to say I don't think either team is going to just walk away with the win its going to be a grudge match that I can see comming down to a last minute score by either team be it a touchdown or field goal to win.In the end the real winners are going to be the fans who get to see a great hard hitting game.

In the words of my man Geroy: "You're goin' home with a loss".

Debra, the riders play at home.

Yes Turkey wonder the only way the riders will play another game after the western final is if BC does not show up. :smiley:

The only team in the Riders way is Calgary, and they will deal with them in two weeks

Of course he should concede the game, why put yourself through misery if there is no need to? 8)

Speaking about the Lions......Sask will have their hands full with Logan. Went to the Stamps - Lions what an exciting player. Reminded me of Henry "Gizmo" Williams......

Thats it look past the Lions I like that especially if your team loses that statement will come back at you.

Oh, I didn't know ya'all lived at the stadium. You don't have homes in Regina?

I posted the exact same thing last year and will stand by it again! Lions are not much of a threat especially in Regina, Calgary is a different story.

Exactly...Logan means business and he's going to be hard to contend with. Explosive, with a passion to win....did you notice that even after making some huge runs, he had the presence of mind to make an extra move to get out of bounds and stop the clock? He never quits and will be a huge factor out there.

Deb thats hope Wally has better play selection this time out. I am sure he will.

Riders heard this last Grey Cup Roberts is going to run all over the defence and what did he get 35 yards total?? Logan is better but i don't think we have to worry. Should be a great game

I think BC will take it.

There are too many questions with the Rider QBs. Sure it worked in the regular season but the pressure will be that much more on Bishop to succeed.

Why do Rider fans think they are so good? They didn't get first in the west! They are going to struggle against BC.

The BC will beat Calgary and play Winnipeg in the Grey Cup!

Considering the game is in Regina, Geroy must have been talking to Buck Pierce or something.

Mo Lloyd will be all over Stefan Logan!!!!

LOL, TB you're a hoot.

But really, If Buck Pierce shows up and plays like he can and Can't get right shows up (assuming he doesn't get lost driving to) and plays like he will, the Leo's will most certainly win it. Unless of course there is yet again devine intervention from above.

Go Lions Go!! :cowboy: