Should Wally be replaced?

Its not meant to be a troll post.. but has the game passed Wally by? I think the game against the Riders could go a long way into determing his future as a coach... IMO, another loss could be the writing on the wall.

I should add that I have a lot of respect for Wally... as a player and a coach... he has been a great ambassador for this league for a lot of years, going back to the 70's when he was a LB for those great Alouette teams... sometimes you just have to look at the big picture and know when to bow out gracefully... and not embarrass yourself like Matthews did...

I think the game may have passed him by, but I also think that he should be given the year to get things right. This isn't the first time that Buono's Lions have started slowly. They get off to these ridiculously bad starts, but still make the playoffs. With the Riders being only a game ahead of BC, now is not the time to make a coaching change, IMO. Doing so would basically say, "That's it. The season is a wash." It's too early for that. If by Labour Day, the Lions are still winless and are at least four games back of third, then perhaps it should be considered. It all depends on if his successor is already on the coaching staff. If so, Buono could bump himself upstairs and let his successor gain some experience before next year.

I'm not sure any other coach would have been kept through this many seasons with terrible starts, but this one really has to do it. It's time to just be a full time GM.

I voted don't know as I'm unsure; However if need be, Wally steps aside to perform GM duties and thus perhaps an interm Head Coach could be appointed.

David Braley has stated Wally isn't going to be fired by him, so ultimately the choice is his. I think Wally will likely stay on for the remainder of the season and evaluate from there. Eventually I see him just as the GM and let someone else coach the team. A new face might be what the doctor ordered for the franchise.