Should troublemakers be warned/suspended/banned?

I really get the impression that more and more regulars are posting here less and less because of all the garbage that goes on here. (constant personal attacks, digging up old threads to embarass or troll with, bravado words/acronyms like 'stfu' being used instead of reasonable discussion, etc., etc.)

Now I realize I'm an 'outsider', but perhaps this poll will provide an indicator for the mods to help them determine what direction they want to go in.

who ever is responsible for screwing up the quoting on this site should be banned without warning.




Yeah, having to do something like this ^^^ everytime get's to be a pain.

You forgot the usuall…“don’t mind as long as the beer is cold” option :lol:

It takes 2 to tango, and more than often the self appointed experts on this site dance no better than Mickey the Mouse from Tombouctou.

Many here simply forget opinions aren't a reservable commodity.

from what i can tell, anyone who has had a "stfu" directed toward them has deserved it.

I think people dont post as often anymore because theres really nothing to talk about. Cats sucks and thats that. if we were winning, im sure we'd all have something say

You are wrong BarrencheaFan. I've stopped posting nearly as much as I used to. Long term members may also have noticed that I don't post my game pictures anymore either. This is a DIRECT result of this board being populated by people who are rude and obnoxious. The mods need to step in and get this place back under control.

If you stop posting, the terror...oops,I mean,the trolls win..


sorry caiteag, but ive been psoting on here for along time. i was Barrenchea until my subsequent banning. I pretty much just ignore all the junk that happens on here. But it so happens that nothing really interesting happens on here anymore. No good threads. Nothing really great. Just whining. Its uninteresting.

Yea... that is a MANDATORY option.. get with the program Tuck

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:



FYI, that would be considered whining.

Most of these threads would be a lot less persnickety if the Cats had a better record. I shamefully admit to starting a thread (which was mercifully deleted) which was very close to libel against one of the players. I was drunk, and rather upset that I turned off a game in the first quarter.

If said player were one that Marcel would keep, then it might be a different story. But I still see it that that player should be voted off the team.

Other than that, I don't see anything here that hasn't been here before.

And don't forget, even with the bickering, Caretaker does see what's going on on these boards, gaging the reaction of the proletariat to what needs to be done.

And when the beer is cold, I'm sure some of the other posters get a little more interesting :slight_smile:

What the heck is a Tuck anyway?

I must say I have to agree with "Tuck" and what he says. Even though he's just an Argo fan sometimes we have to look even to them for our wisdom.

If the moderators enforced the rules of this forum all would be well.

Lively debates and varied opinions make for great reading, but insults, threats, and obnoxious behaviour turns people off.

The threads have become less interesting lately I believe due to the above and the team's record.

Here's to better times ahead,

A "Tuck" is a "Truck" without the "R" :lol: :lol:

Yea, he is an Argo Fan...but a first class CFL fan :thup: :thup:

"Actually, I think he is a closet Ticat Fan" :wink:

When the site switched over to be connected with all the CFL....I slowed down on the posting due to the fact that there were alot of people posting nonsense and ruining the fun for everyone.
I also stopped because there are a few mods that are on a power trip blocking or stopping a post thread because they feel like it when some of the posts were harmless or for no reason at all.

In my opinion posting on here has been very lame and I don't go on this site as much as I did.

It really has nothing to do with the Ti-Cats disaster of a season



This is exactly the kind of personal attack and slandering that I'm referring to! :lol: :lol:

To answer the question put out there, the nickname Tuck is just a shortened pronouciation of my last name, Tulloch. If I spelt it Tuch, noone would pronounce it right. My nickname has nothing to do with a tummy tuck, but that probably wouldn't be a bad idea, either. :lol:

I have to agree that too many people are taking differing opinions personally or they are waiting to get even with vengence .

This isn't fun reading and I'm tired of it.

Good thinking Tuck to get this going.

Mods could maybe coach these people ....
or bench them ,fine them etc