Should Timothy Flanders be inserted at SB?

Big problems in bomber-ville if Harris can’t fly . . . .

I’d swear our defense is trained to not play too close to WRs cuz the coaching staff guarantees we’ll get penalties whenever we’re within a foot of a receiver. Negative stinkin’ thinkin’ I’d say!

On offense - either our o-line isn’t as billed or we’re missing Giant Hardrick a ton? Nichols is going thru 4 or 5 reads so he must have lots of time - but often he’s creamed within a second or 2, not even time to toss the ball away. Other times our vaunted o-line can’t get a push off or proper blocking to open up a hole for Harris - springing him for decent gains of 5 to 12 yards . . . now its too much zero, 1 & 3 yd gains.

Main problem is that the bombers might be getting too easy to read on film. Thats supposed to be O’Shea’s domain - the film.

However, opposing coaches seem to see trends from formations and certain personnel packages that allow them to blanket our receivers, smother our runners and get hands in the blocking lanes of almost every friggin’ Matt Nichols pass. (or a sack when Nichols can’t toss it out of bounds)