Should Timothy Flanders be inserted at SB?

With a tough game coming up in Calgary on Saturday against an angry Stampeders team with something to prove, should Coach Michael O’Shea shake up the offensive backfield by inserting Timothy Flanders at SB in place of Ryan Lankford or Kenbrell Thompkins?

This would leave the Bombers with three tailbacks in the backfield - Andrew Harris, Nic Demski and Timothy Flanders - all of whom could either be handed the ball or thrown passes by Matt Nichols. This would be exactly analogous to the three tailbacks that Bud Grant used in the Blue Bombers’ glory Grey Cup period from 1957 to 1962 when Kenny Ploen had the luxury of choosing from among Leo Lewis, Gerry James and Charlie Shepard.


Great idea ! Do something. Anything. Unfortunately, knowing our stand pat HC, nothing like this will be attempted. Remember MOS’s mantra " If it doesn’t work, stick with it and watch film."
Please Mike, please prove me wrong.

Can Flanders fumble the ball on kickoffs and drop passes? If so, he’s in.

…...Unfortunately Dan you are correct...Diverting from his unwritten law of..'we need to play the guys found wanting,Cuz'...(insert because of loyalty here or any other weak excuse)..
...I'm really sick and tired of this coaches inflexibility ...He's a firm believer in 'closing the barn door after the horse has lit out for greener pastures'....orrr better yet 'can't see the forest for the trees'....A deadly fault for a head coach

You're the bad guy, Dan - but I do like this post! Especially the helpless plea to R.M. (Rigor Mortis) O'Shea

Based on the totally inflexible performance by Colonel Klinck (O’Shea) and our team’s woeful outing vs. Ottawa

Michael O’Shea may have reached his only .500 career winning percentage a couple weeks ago.

This group - with an ultra-sensitive rabbit-eared QB who can’t move, an inflexible head coach, an offensive coordinator who orders up pizza and body rubs during actual CFL games and an itinerant defensive coordinator - this team has 5-13 to 7-11 written all over it. That record puts you in the bottom 3 for sure - not even a reasonable shot at the crossover - they’d need 8-10 or 9-9 to cross over!

Listen Lyle, if the team fails miserably as you predict, I will be the first to admit you were right. My problem is you saying the sky is falling when the team is winning…I told you a while ago that I am no lemming. I will call out anyone who is not pulling their weight for the team. I will not abandon the team under any circumstances but I don’t have to accept incompetence by coaches or players.

That last game brought back so many fears of returning to the team that I thought we had left behind. Same type of poor play and same type of wrong coaching calls.

I never bet against the Bombers but no way would I throw away money betting on the next game either… That sums up my attitude. Get ready for a thrashing.

Bombers had some extreme sensitivities exposed last game. The rabbit eared QB, the inflexible head boy, Randle & Foggy turning into old men before our very eyes, Santos-Knox assuming he’s an all-star LB without doing anything, Loffler showing a continued decline.

Not to mention Dressler out for another significant clump of games, Hardick out or gonna play with significant injury, etc.

So thats the challenge - playing against the best football ops dept. in the league, hi-level QB and a pressure D that shows little to no remorse.

If we can topple the Stamps, and I never said its impossible - they were thrashed from pillar to post by the riders. Zacalero ignored the reputation notes he was provided prior to the game and made mincemeat of the Stamps D - bit of a problem punching it in from the red zone - but they don’t have a hussler like Andrew Harris on their roster, do they?

When the Stamps shut Harris down, will our coach look elsewhere for an answer. I doubt it. Why ? He had Harris running the ball with 40 secs left in a game in which we were humiliated… Lapo’s fault you say. Well, just who is the HC ?

Shutting Harris down should not be a major problem for the Stamps. While our o-line is touted as top-notch and powerful - they don't seem to be able to open up consistent holes for Hard-chargin' Harris to slither thru - too many 1 to 3.5 yd gains for Harris for me to be totally satisfied with Harris - although in key-play situations he's shined.

Bomber players love O'Shea cuz they know they have secure jobs under him. O'Shea loves fawns & under-speeded, under-powered guys, mainly cuz they know they wouldn't have jobs in the CFL if not for Winnipeg, O'Shea & Walters.

The only secure CFL performers immo - most of the o-line other than Neufeld, Darwin Adams, Nichols, Streveler, Harris, Petermann & Wally Tarski (as backups)

On defense - 2 or 3 of the d linemen, Bighill, Santos-Knox (as a backup), Fenner, thats about it.

3 or 4 of the special teams demons could also play anywhere - as special teams demons!

Re: Coaching - LaPolice would be an OC with 1 or 2 other teams, a QB or RB coach with most any CFL team, thats about it. O'Shea would be a reliable special teams & hussle coach.
GM - Kyle Walters would not be a GM with any other CFL team; perhaps assistant GM in Montreal
CEO - there's no way any CFL team would want something like W. Miller as their CEO; might make a solid VP of Tickets in Toronto as he's a known ticket-hussler!

Maybe Mrs. O'Shea had Andrew Harris in Fantasy and Mike wouldn't have heard the end of it for months if he'd pulled Harris from the game.


To answer the question, no.

Flanders will do nothing to back off a defence and open up the run game for Harris. Would it be nice to have someone other than Lankford to do that, yes, but unless someone shakes loose from an NFL camp we are stuck with what we got.

Let’s just think of the reaction this week if Mr. Harris had been injured for the season on the 2nd last play of that game against Ottawa. Do you think there would be any humour involved in the discussion ? They would be calling for O’Shea 's head.

I am not upset that Nichols was reinserted. I’m pissed that O’Shea took out Streveler to do it ! I am just as mad he had Mr. Harris running the ball on needless, useless plays… This brings me back to another coach who did this same thing stubbornly and consistently. I never liked that man and I won’t mention his name cause some think he is a god.

Joe Poplawski's still got a lot of fire. The Bombers are wasting him on the end of the bench.


……Geez…thought I was back in 78’…LOL…He wouldn’t be sitting at the end of the bench though…and neither should Wolitarsky….I don’t think this present coach knows how to use are young guns

Time to give Harris a rest and start Flanders at RB in the LDC. Bring Harris back for the Banjo well rested.

Replacing Harris w/ Flanders can’t happen - its still O’Shea’s team and O’Shea is one stubborn cuss. He’d rather have an obviously slightly ailing/tired Harris break down at Mosaic than doing the right thing.

The right thing would break O’Shea.

The wrong thing will break the bombers - but provide cover down the remaining 8 games as the team descends into playoff oblivion.

If Flanders is healthy, I’d like to see him come in for Langford. This was about the time of season we got him into the lineup last year and it was effective in opening up the game for Harris both running and catching the ball. Flanders, Demski, or LaFrance could all fill in on return duties. Having Harris and Flanders gave them so many more set options with both behind the line or having one or both split out with an empty back set. This year you could even line both of them up as receivers and motion Demski to line up as a RB.

Hopefully Harris came out of the Stamps game OK. It could be but I don’t think it was a concussion on that hit. It could have been a neck strain or stinger based on the direction his head moved. If Harris is out, they may insert Flanders as the starting RB, then possibly turn Langford’s spot into a National spot rotating in LaFrance, Simonise, and Peterman. Given what he’s done as a receiver, hard not to see how Simonise or Peterman couldn’t perform equally as well at this point. Peterman especially I think has earned himself a few more snaps after the way he fought for the first down a couple weeks ago.

….I hope everyone is right about Harris....we can't lose him at this juncture...He's a valuable guy in and out of the locker room....He looked more dejected than anything after that train wreck and I don't know if there'll be major changes, but after that mess I hope so....Flanders would be the best man up IF Andrew can't go....for sure...I'm more worried about the quarterbacking this club is getting than the running backs....IF Nichols can't get it done it doesn't matter who we have in the backfield...I know Streveler works well with anyone on the team and his running ability would compensate a bit for Harris not being a 100 percent...Sure would give us a whole different dimension with all three in there....BUT ratio might be a prob.

We have lots of firepower on O. I have no problem with Flanders… I’m more worried about our inability to stop ANY team marching down the field with pass receptions. This has been a problem for a while now. At the very least it gives a team momentum and maybe a FG. We have to get out of the habit of making the other team look good.