Should Tillman be fired if the team has a worse record

Mike, Let me see if I understand your point. You are saying that the Riders have better personnel than they had last year but if the Rider team doesn’t perform, you want Tillman fired. Mike, Tillman is the general manager. His job is to improve team personnel and according to you he’s done that - but you want him fired anyway.
Nope, I don’t see your point. There is no polite way to say this – you don’t make any sense at all.

Sounds polite to me. I would have said, "There is no polite way to say this... How dumb are you?" But I chose to keep my mouth shut this time, with exception to a simple quote and one of these: :roll: lol

Should ET be fired?
Well, not this year at least.
But every GM should have his job reviewed at the end of a season.
All along I've been giving him a solid C.
Nothing on the field has brought that score up, or dropped it down.
But a solid C won't (shouldn't?) keep him his job past the current 3 year contract.
And some of his off field stuff is starting to get a little tiresome.
That rant he made on Riderville was the action of a petty petty individual.
And as he has made several of these little tirades now, it is becoming a factor in whether to retain him in the future.
All we hear from Hopson and ET is about character and the "new way" of doing things, and then the GM makes comments like that, that display a clear lack of leadership and character?
According to the new "code of conduct" such actions are unacceptable.
If a player acted like that in public, I would expect him to be disciplined and reigned in.
We shall see if Hopson and ET walk the walk, or just talk the talk.
I'll personally bet no--at least in the short term.

I could be wrong here, and don't want to explain Mike's point for him, but I believe what he is saying is, we had a pretty good team last year.
ET took over and made the changes he felt were needed to take us to the next level, ie., make us better.
If we still do not get to the promised land, shouldn't ET then be fired?
It actually does make sense--to a point.
In that scenario, I believe a GM should have the option to bring in a new coach rather than lose his own job.

The heart of this argument is-are the Riders a better team than last year? I would have said yes if we could have kept a couple of the FA's around, but that is not the case. I say they are the same or slightly worse than last year's team. The only difference is that there are young guys in some positions(secondary, linebacker), and a Canadian receiver who is in a bit of a slump. He is feeling the pressure, but he has to go and play his game, and everything else will fall into place. The big difference between last year's team and this year's team is that they are prepared to play at the opening kickoff rather than somewhere in the 3rd Quarter. We have a coach that is willing to kick a few keesters rather than coddle guys. This team will improve as the season moves along. You cant expect the team to lose that many guys and be better. If we gave Roy 5 to 7 yrs to build a winner, surely we can ET 3-5 yrs to do the same thing.

All this talk about firing Tillman now is just a lot of nonsense. He is speaking his mind, and he should be allowed to do that, as he has held a lot of things back. To muzzle yourself and keep holding whatever is eating at you in does not do him , nor anyone else, any good.

Thank-you Arius, the only thing, I would add to your explaination is as the General Manager, he is responsible for the over all operation of the team. Including the performance of the team. Assuming that most people are in agreement, at the begining of the year the assessment of team was we were at least as good as last year, if not slightly better. From an overall management perspective, Tillman is responsible for the bringing in the coaches, players including negotiating their contracts. So if the team doesn't post a 9 and 9 record, that means one of two things. Tillman either didn't bring in the talent and has lied about the teams chances or he did bring in the talent and they wouldn't perform for him. Either scenario he deserves to be fired.

You have a one-track mind, and its full of BS, as usual. You have to give Tillman more than a year to improve the team. We gave Roy and Danny 7 yrs, and you want to give Tillman only one, because you dont like him. Your own poll is going against you , because the majority of fans, unlike you are willing to give ET a fair chance. 83% of those polled disagree with you--let that number sink in mike. The majority disagree with you!!!!

You are the first to say 7 years for Danny and Roy was to long. If you don't think Eric is becoming a distraction here....

Professional Conduct Survey for Eric Tillman

Keep in mind that as you reviewing these; that in this very forum, many of these instances have been discussed. Therefore, this isn’t some troll discussing his conduct….as I would tend to think that this forum is representative of the general fan support that is out there. The opinions expressed by the various fans are therefore representative of the general fan support out there.

His attack on Joe Paopao for staying in Ottawa, after he couldn’t work with the Board of Directors and the owners of the team. Professional or Unprofessional

His attack on media for publishing Saskatchewan’s negotiation list after he posted it to a public forum. Professional or Unprofessional

His back stabbing both Shivers and Barrett after they left town and can’t defend themselves. Despite saying publicly at the end of the season, they did good things in Saskatchewan but it was time to move on. Professional or Unprofessional

His attack and ranting on a fan that pays money to belong to Riderville. Professional or Unprofessional.

I am not argueing he has done some good things...what I am suggesting is that his conduct is starting to affect the team...and therefore, before it becomes a plague on the team....consideration should be given to firing him.

Mike, no matter what I say, it will be wrong. You will continue to live in your own little world where everyone is wrong and you are right.

Listen to what Sambo is saying, listen to what roughyfan is saying. I AGREE WITH THEM! And I am (as you put it) wearing the Lions colours.

You obviously have a hard-on for Tillman. Nothing he can do will change your mind.

Mike, it’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to get the players to perform, not the GM’s. Why don’t you just say that you don’t like Tillman and would like to see him fired and leave it at that? It’s your attempt to rationalize his firing that is, well, comical (I’m being kind here).

Nice to know that you and Arius are having a “meeting of the minds? tho’.

The Riders are a better team… If BC doesn’t win as many games this year and doesn’t take the Cup, should Wally go? If the beer in Hamilton goes up in price should it go?
Are you getting the pattern here?
Stop being a ---- and enjoy the season, I think you’ve got some good things to look forward to.

Are you actually seious, the season is four games old and you want to talk about firing the new general manager already??? This is makes absolutly no sense whate so ever and reeks of a fan hurting his ankle while he jumps off the bandwagon. When the riders were 2-0 did you want Tillman fired then??? Come on the season has barely gotten started, lets step back and think about what you are actually saying here....... doesnt make any sense does it.

i guess the real questons are? Did you start this thread for real Mikejth? Are u a Rider fan? or did u just make up this thread to try to start crap and your a fan from another team? Do you know anything about football? OMG the season just started :roll:

Hey I haven't called for him to be fired right now. I said give him the season. If the team doesn't respond, and he continues in his quest to be unprofessional, then consideration should be given to him being fired.

The rider's board of goveners gave Barrett and Shivers 7 years...but at the end of their initial 3 years, the team had made significant if not monumental strides towards improving.

As I have stated going backwards shouldn't be an option given the quality and amount of talent this team has.

Yes, I have stated publicly, going back to August of last year that Tillman shouldn't be considered for the job. So yes you could say, I don't like him. So far he has proven through his unprofessionalism that he isn't up to the task in Saskatchewan.

You made you point and no-one agrees with you.

Now give it a rest!

ro1313....if you don't like to read the post then don't....that is your choice...I responding to question...get over it...

Exactly. The team is 2-2 with nearly 80% of the year yet to come. They might end up with a loosing record. But why say “what if” already, and plan ET’s firing? Let’s hope for the best instead.

Give it a rest!

Interestingly enough, I don't support firing anybody at this time, especially not the GM.
You'll have to ask Sambo what my opinion of any such midseason shake-ups is....

But there is a big difference between wanting someone's head and pointing out mistakes they are making.
And in the case of public tirades, mostly consisting of the highest grade of bull**** available, I think somebody (Hopson) needs to tell him to get a grip!!

As for the "Roy got 7 years, so ET should get several years" theory, that is also pretty much BS.
Roy had to build the house from the foundation up.
All ET has to do is give it a new coat of paint.
I expect a home play-off game this year, but I won't panic if we don't achieve that if things appear to be moving in the right direction.
But I see no need to cut Austin all that much slack, and therefore ET, as nobody made ET hire a rookie coach with minimal experience.
And rookie coaches actually have a pretty good track record in the CFL.
So from either perspective, there is no reason not to expect results this year.

Does a lack of those results mean he should be fired?

Probably not.

This year.

You have to give a GM more than one year on the job unless he’s doing an absolutely abysmal job.

There shouldn’t even be comparisons to Roy and Danny because they did not have to deal with the SMS at all. As we saw last year, they spent the most of any team in the league.