Should Ticats have punted in the last minute last night?

A punt deep out of bounds in the last minute of the game yesterday was the odds on play considering the skill of Boreham. The march to a win by Calgary was made much too easy in the final few seconds by the blind faith displayed by a struggling football coach in a third rate field goal kicker.

Boreham is the worst place kicker Hamilton has had in at least 45 years. Why is it taking this management so long to kiss (kick) him good bye? Too many games in the CFL are won or lost by the kicking game to ignore the need for immediate replacement of this teams placekicker. Who in the office is dreaming that Boreham will ever be representative of a pro class kicker?

PS: 2 seconds left in the game and the receiver falls down catching the ball.
WHY DID THE Ticats touch him while he was down? They could have let him get up and run for 2 seconds!! Poor thinkers, I suppose!!


Did you see Pat Fleming's 20 or so yard punt that he tried to angle out of bounds earlier in the game?

A field goal basically wins the game. Boreham was 2 for 2, and what better way to potentially boost his confidence.

Good coaching decision, unfortunate result.

You mean the punt the went out at the 18?

Wasnt bad at all...

I think he means the one that went out at the 30.

Even so...NORMALLY...we would be close enough for a FG from that spot. But, since the Coach has no faith in the FG kicker...he has his punter attempt to angle one out.

When you angle them out...once in awhile, you shank one. It's unfortunate, but we were put in that positiion by "Go #30" :thup:

So Flemming kicks a punt 19 yards down field out of bounds. Guess what, the Stamps are out of field goal range. Well, unless the defense gave up big yardage. But what was the change of that. Let me think, 2nd and 15 down on their 5, oh how many yards did they get on a pass. I hate prevent defense.

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