Should they suspend the Toronto franchise

I can't see a clause like this being signed off upon. Theres a lot of money aka political contributions coming from MLSE, so any lease agreements would definitely come down in their favour.

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Something needs to give they need a competitive process that is not tied to Toronto survival it's simply not working .

I think 2/3 rds of MLSE would actually be for it to be honest . The reduction of costs would be welcome .

Not sure LT or Rogers care and actually would like the idea of Football Canada events .

The deal is with the CFL and there is a caveat for Canadian football in the MLSE deal with the City stadium that is why the Argos are there presently .

They still get use of the facility with a lease and if you incorporate amateur Canadian football and CFL leadership for it ; it's a win /win .

The Argos brand would not cease my belief it should be shelved with protecting the lease with Canadian football from June to November is a good look until the league reinvents itself with a better authentic national brand .

MLSE manage BMO what do they care if the CFL keeps the lease and pays for the locker rooms and if anything MLSE would show proper community use while getting the opportunity to align with Football Canada .

My fear is not the XFL and winter ball my fear is the NFL but there is a short window where they are occupied with Buffalo 's success and will not enter the area while that is going on.

How MLSE's board works is there needs to be 75% of the 8 seats need to be in favour (3 Bell, 3 Rogers, 2 Tannanbaum/Bell). Rogers alone will stuff it out.

I'm not so sure there is a caveat that there has to be a CFL based team playing in BMO. If there is then there's no reason to suspend the franchise as long as MLSE wants to own the team. If they decide they don't then it's a different conversation.

I think the other CFL owners would care more about the cost of the lease. Especially with no end game in sight.

Best way to promote football is football


Remember it was NOT MLSE that created the CFL expansion at BMO .

It was Bell and LT separately .

It is why the Argos are there now .

They had to expand for the CFL with the city lease as it was improperly built years ago according to the agreement .

The exhibition grounds entity had put that in years ago the grounds are a seperate body .

They waited until LT's deal with Rogers on the NFL bid was done to expand the stadium and put in the Argos locker rooms .

Bell most likely would have to do it themselves but wanted goodwill with the controlling interest at MLSE with LT .

exactly play Canadian football on those dates .

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With a team that has been suspended?


The end game is greater Canadian expansion in smaller markets , better grass roots CFL partnerships centred in Toronto , create a want in the market by starving the local market for Pro football from June to November and create a stronger competitive process where media rights further franchise values .

The other is going American and I believe that is a dead end .

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Canadian expansion back to Toronto?

I will say as an Argo season ticket holder, if the league suspends the team against the owner's wishes, I would not attend any of these community events nor reinvest money in the new team should they launch which would be a long time. Can't speak for others of course but I don't think I'm alone

June through November would still not stop MLSE from leasing out to the XFL if they stick to their current schedule. Granted I wouldn't buy into the XFL for a February to May season either.

Personally, I can't see any pent up demand starving for a team to boost it's popularity. Nor any world where a league with less teams, hence less content can command bigger rights fees.


I would make Toronto the hub for Football Canada ... replace the pro for a season filled with amateur football events .

Create a support for the three down game thru national sponsorships .

CFL is disconnected to the grass roots . Create a renewed interest with sponsorships and national advertisers making sure that from June to November the market is protected .

Toronto use to be the home for the college bowl and the Grey Cup it was the hub of interest .

To recreate the image it will take lot's of grass roots work .

It's not a total retreat it's reworking the brand of three down football .


Oh I don't see those events as money makers at all they are simple place holders for the three down game .

I'm not saying you or any Argo fans will attend those events that is not the reasoning behind the continuation of the lease with gras roots football .

I did mention two dates before camp for a CFL skills competition as well .

Ottawa and Montreal ?

Ottawa was a forest fire twice .....

the interest was burnt to crisp .

Ottawa was dead lot's of businesses were burnt by the team not paying bills , lot's of fans burnt they needed to reforest and it worked .

Toronto is in better shape to reform the Argos under a stronger brand .

But I agree it's a huge risk if they don't protect the BMO lease or do any work to replace the Argos brand with Football Canada events .

I do agree would to see a stronger connection to amateur football here.

Would rather see the league (especially with MLSE) work with York and U of T as those programs really have no presence in the market.

Even having their annual game against each other at BMO say before an Argo home game will give it more exposure than it does now. Even bringing the Metro Bowl at BMO like they used to at Skydome many years ago will connect the city with amateur football again.

I think this can be done while keeping the Argos going continually.


The issue is you set off the domino's

Out goes Toronto
Now who falls next?

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Oh I think they are the domino ......

that is why I want to control the damage being done .

I don’t know if the idea is practically possible or not, but I'm leaning towards the general consensus that the risk is too great.


Montreal & BC have crap attendance as well (BC is SHOCKING considering the hype around the QB this season)

Hamilton loses the team they love to hate (and notice Ham is also by far the worse road draw in the league... statistically the other 7 teams would rather host the Argos than the Cats to sell tickets)

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I don’t live in the Toronto area so have no idea how the Argos work. Out here in BC where I live I do see a parallel. For many years the Lions became very ho hum. I’m not thinking so much of the on field product but the off field product as well. For years I thought much like some of the comments above. The Lions didn’t put a lot into there marketing and what they did do seemed to come out of a 1960’s marketing manual. And yes to complicate their marketing the team wasn’t performing that well on the field. Yes, we had some good players but as a whole the team was blah.
In 2021, Amar Doman buys the team. Says he’s going to do this and that and at first at least from my point of view it was wish you luck but I’ll take a wait and see attitude. Then all of a sudden we’re closing down a street for a party, not to mention we’re kicking off the season with a concert. People are starting to raise their eyebrows. He’s getting minor football more involved, special deals for the kids to come to the games. He’s open to talking to sports people about the Lions and what is agenda is. All of a sudden, albeit it’s small but some people in pubs are now wearing orange. Doman has said all along the Lions aren’t a quick fix it will take time, but it is starting to show. Don’t know the final figures but I will bet their attendance figures will be way up.
From a marketing point of view, which I doubt they even foresaw, was Nathan Rourke’s start to the season.
So my long winded comment comes down to this. Whether it’s Toronto or any other team in the league, if you put some marketing into the team and get fans excited 1/2 your problems are solved.
If not, the Argos should really be playing up the fact that they finished 1st in the east and fans had better start getting their playoff tickets as BMO field is going to be the place to be that day.

Just a quick update. In the time it took me to write this post there were 5 retweets from the Lions from fans who have bought their tickets for the playoff game. That’s marketing. Getting people excited.


I have no problems with the fear it's understandable .

It is a gamble .

Was hoping to hear is there any sponsors today that would leave .

Any current advertisers ?

Any data on Toronto fans who would no longer watch the CFL even though they never attend a live game today ?

I am hoping someone has that information .

Staying the course is way safer even though we see the iceberg ahead whether that is irepairable stagnation or Americanization of the game that carries extreme risk as well .

I could be very wrong and there is no iceberg ahead and everything will work out thru some osmosis that the CFL is great Worth buying tickets to again .

I think I'm missing some background on what MLSE is and what agreements they do or don't have with the Argos, BMO Field, the city of Toronto, the CFL, TSN, etc. I was assuming they just own the Argos but that appears incorrect based on some of the comments.

To reiterate my earlier question, why do anything in terms of suspending the Argos now? Why not at least try to hype up the marketing for a playoff run and then the 150th season and see where that goes? If MLSE (or whoever) doesn't want to do that and ends up going broke due to lack of fan interest, that's on them and I see no reason for the CFL to step in and bail them out. Then, once the Argos fold, you could start the conversations with whoever owns BMO Field about hosting whatever football games or events there you want.


I don't think they need to fold .... strategy may seem out of sync ..but suspending them can be a mutual deal with the present ownership and with the partnership separated maybe try a new approach to a problem that cannot be solved with what is being done in the past .

Getting ahead of the ship taking over control is about no longer having the Argos and the media partnership a conflict of interest that should be dealt with sooner than later . They are confining their opportunities in a buyers market for sports content .

I see doing a positive step that appears on the surface as a negative .

But I do agree let's go thru the 150th and see where we are after and if there is a break thru in the market then this drastic domestic approach or any other drastic solutions such as doing a US league be attempted .