Should there be a "CFL Library" under CFL talk?

Just an idea, when we find information about the CFL on the internet we could post the link under the examples below. Sully from League office could design the Topic format and protocol. I was thinking it should be something like this. Not a discussion link, just reference material. You could only post a "Subject" and a "link" under the agreed to sub topics and I don't know what they could be. I have only given examples.

CFL News
- 2016 Media releases
- Scheduling ... g-june-23/

 - [b]2015 Media Releases[/b]

Team news
- B.C. Lions
- Topic and Link

- Topic and Link



CFL Past


I dig it, though that’s easy for me to say, I’m not doing any of the work.

A news aggregator would be very helpful in creating a "CFL in the news" thread, but I can't seem to find one that is reliable enough, and with enough filtering options. Doing something like this manually would be a hellish amount of work.

I am not an expert, but thought that once the template is setup, the forum users could do all the posting to the “library”. This, so no one person would be burdened with all of the work

So long as it is someone what Wiki style where edits/additions need to be approved and you need to register as a contributor...then I think it is a solid idea.

In the meantime, there's CFLdb - Not a Wiki; instead, if you find a document that you thing should be included, you just let them know and, if it pans out, they put it up on the site.

Yes, a fairly good site, but if you are looking at previous years of rosters and stats there are definitely errors...overall good though

CFLapedia ( is another interesting site. Again, not totally sure of the accuracy, but not bad in finding general information on players from previous years. Unfortunately the person maintaining the site is unable to devote as much time to the site as he used to, so it might be a little out of date.