Should the TigerCats partner with HECFI?

I was on the HECFI site and see that they are handling promotions, marketing and ticket sales for the new lacrosse team the Hamilton Nationals and have a link to the Nationals like they do for the Bulldogs. I am wondering if the TigerCats should partner with HECFI in some way and bring the new IWS on board with HECFI for all sorts of reasons. I know they have been losing money and some talk has been about privatizing HECFI but just wondering if this might help the relations between the city and the TigerCats that some writers point to having been "strained" by the stadium situation and SM etc.? :?

Sure if they want to promote the cats for free that's fine. I wouldn't pay them anything though, I really don't think they have a whole lot to bring to the table.