Should the Tiger-Cats sign Terrell Sinkfield? (WR/DB)

So I was thinking, should we sign free agent WR/DB Terrell Sinkfield?

Terrell played for the team in 2 different stints and could provide some much needed depth with issues at WR (Addison) and secondary.

He is only 31 and could play 2 ways, saving a roster spot.


On the same note, I hear that Duron Carter is a free agent too.

He's not a very nice guy.
I say we roll with Sinkfield.

Why not sign them both?

What's Chad Owens doing these days?


He was charged with assault. Not sure we want him in our culture.

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Maybe Sinopoli can come out if retirement. He’s only 33 and would help with the ratio as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

thats the kind of outside the box thinking we need.

Ken Evraire lives near me. Maybe I could convince him.

Who wants to wager over/under if Sinkfield has gotten more posts in this Forum than even Masoli? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Fantuz looked bored the last time I saw him on the Ti-Cat broadcast don't suppose that maybeeee..... :thinking:

What’s Justin Medlock doing?

He doesnt want to play football anymore.

stadium thread still takes it.


Caddying for his wife .

And blow the cap ? We're trying to run a business here.

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Second place: Young's first ticket price increase, 2006. Every other post was people claiming to be 80 year season ticket holders and are now boycotting. Went on for weeks. It was a pathetic, tragic farce. So HTC.

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I think we are good for receivers. Cats need a Centre though. Time to give Marwan a call.

Yes , and his buddy Peter D for added depth .

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I remember Sinkfield's second stint with us being a bit of a bust. He wasn't able to contribute much, and I doubt anything will have changed 2-3 years later. I'm pretty happy with our receivers especially if Addison will be back for the playoffs (sure hope so).