Should the Ticats go with a National Running Back

Should the Ticats go with a National Running Back ?

They should go with whoever can do the job the best. If the Cats have Canadian RBs that can match or outplay the Americans than they should take advantage of that to help with the ratio. Calgary ran with Cornish and then Messam for years and had great success with National RBs.

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The Ticats will obviously use a combination of both national and international running backs.

They have kept 3 nationals on the roster, as well as international Cameron Marshall.

This gives them ratio flexibility in case of injury.

And remember, all of the abovementioned players can/probably will also play special teams (either as returners, or members of the cover team).

Keeping them all is smart because, again, of the flexibility factor, as well as the fact that in games, they will all contribute in some way (not necessarily just from the RB position).

I thought they were going to go with James Wilder after Toronto released him in final cuts…well at least that’s what somebody (can’t remember who exactly , I think his name was Oskiebear or something like that) was telling everybody was going to happen . ::slight_smile:

I’m rooting for SET who has looked good in preseason and is also good at catching the ball. I’ve also heard he’s a decent blocker. Bennett seemed to do well enough in the second preseason game (can’t remember seeing him in the first) and should serve well enough as a backup. And we have to remember that Condell will make use of Kalinic as a FB for extra blocking and he’s likely to be given a chance to either carry or catch the ball. Jones didn’t bother to carry a FB, preferring to add an extra OL player when the play warranted it.

I though Timmis might be given a chance but alas he wasn’t re-signed and went to the dark side. He’s in a very crowded RB group there though and I suspect will mainly see duty on STs