Should the Ticats Be Shopping for a New Head Coach?

Yes no maybe… If you’re sick of these polls well, I’m even sicker of making them.

What about a plain old no option?

There is no plain old no. Take it or leave it.

They have the next head coach in house.

I’ll take the leave it option then

I’ll take it as a no.

Yes, they do, but does that preclude entertaining any other options?

One of the problems with pro sports is that coaches get fired too quickly. Give the man at least a few years not one season to fix it. This team is better than we’ve had for a long time. It’s not the coaches who are to blame for the constant injuries to key players. Banks dropping an easy catch early this in the game is not on the coaches. Stupid game changing penalties are not on the coaches.
Not responding to changes within the game is the responsibility of the coaches and they all failed last night in that regard.
If Hamilton is to host a Grey Cup in a couple of years, we do not need to start over now with new coaches, new systems, new players. What Toronto did last year was a fluke because of their QB being so good. Look at Trestman now. Fire him??!! No.
Stay the course , it’ll get better with continuity. Our biggest issue is player retention going forward. Can we afford to somehow keep the good players?
I’m disappointed but will continue to be optimistic and support this team. We’re still in the hunt.

Yes, for what they’re paying him it does.
At the end of next season Jones and Glanville will step down and Orlando will take over

I don’t know his contractural details but what if Tresman should suddenly become available? If experience is the missing dimension in Ticats coaching, then maybe he has some to lend.

Trestman has been exposed as a one trick pony. Can coach a HOF QB, hasn’t proven anything else. Charlie Taaffe anyone?

Tresman only wins with legendary Qbs … Calvilo , Ray…mediocre Qbs like Cutler etc not so much.

I think JJ and Glanville show for another year…injuries to recievers not their fault…they will have a full year in the CFL.

Yes Jones has had his bad days managing the games at times (CFL experience ) but over all I think he is good for our team. Remember folks we are lucky to have apprentice head coach Orlondo for the future. Our Depth having Jones and Sinkfield as backups should help with Speedy being out but if we don’t do it this year the hard fact is next season it will be a sad Twenty LONG years since our last championship for now we are the same old cats !Woulda , shoulda , coulda feel bad for Caretaker he has been
A top class owner .

Maybe Masoli could become a HOF QB if he had some coaching that can be taken seriously.

This team should be 10-6 at minimum and they’re not because of inadequate coaching, imo

What makes you think that Steinauer will still in Hamilton if he’s offered a head coaching position elsewhere (BC?).

This team is still a good team that is capable of winning every game they are in.
We are still in control of our destiny with a guaranteed playoff spot.
Yes it will be harder with Banks out, and we won’t win anything taking unnecessary stupid ill timed
So now we might have to do it the hard way, it’s Hamilton, what else is new

Just because we lost this game, doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel and give up.

Itz not about receiver injuries so letz not make excuses for them. They are being out-coached. Pure and simple!

Banks represents almost 30% of the team’s passing yards gained this season. How do you propose replacing that production so the team can fulfil your “eternal optimist” outlook?

Bring back Kent!