Should the TiCats and new stadium host an NFL pre-season...

game each year? Helps promote football and gets another date to make the new stadium more cost effective I say.


The NFL doesn't need additional promotion, the CFL does.

Hosting NFL games here does nothing for Canadian football, nor enhance the TiCat brand.

Why not hold CIS championship games here instead? Or Hamilton Bulldogs outdoor games with co-promotions with the TiCats?

We are better off promoting indigenous Canadian sports and breed our own culture than adopting others.

I disagree, part of our culture is the NFL and all American comtrolled leagues. I'm watching NFL right now in fact, I love all football.

Not going to happen in a 25,000-or-less seat stadium. Period. ANY NFL stadium that would be half full would generate more revenue. Precisely which group in Canada is going to pay a NFL club the rights fee to a home preseason game in a stadium where there is ZERO chance a NFL team would ever relocate in Hamilton?

If any exhibition game gets played in Canada in the near future, it is going to be in Rogers Centre courtesy of the Rogers NFL cabal in 2012 as per their agreement with the NFL. The end.

Oski Wee Wee,


What does Canton, Ohio stadium hold?

I think it would or could be a great another date for the stadium but I'm a very open-minded person and willing to look for any positive synergies for the city and our Cats.

Russ, no offence but it's not the end of this discussion, for you maybe and that's fair enough.

Hi Earl…


There is NO positives for the TiCats regarding an NFL game in their stadium Earl!

Fawcett Stadium has a capacity of 22364. Canton is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The NFL has an agreement with NBC to televise the game in Canton, not Hamilton or anywhere else. If Hamilton had anything the NFL or the Rogers crowd would be interested in, it would be a different question.

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Positive synergies need money. LOL There is not enough money in a 25,000ish stadium to either attract a NFL team to forego a preseason home date or to turn a profit for a Canadian group that would be able to land a game in the first place. It is that simple.

Not precluding fantasy talk here, but it is what it is. :wink:

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If Skydome can't make it work how would a stadium in Hamilton half the size do it?

The other question is why?

At least this thread takes one's mind off reality for awhile. Reality like a Western cross-over.

We'll see Russ, I'm a taxpayer for the city of Hamilton and if I had my way, the new IWS, or old one for that matter, would be booked 365 days a year and at full capacity for whatever, sports, religious get togethers etc.

But that's just me.

At least this thread takes one's mind off reality for awhile


Here’s more food for thought:

“Bills gain a lot more in revenue by playing in Toronto. They receive $9.75 million in revenue per game in Toronto & around $3.67 million per game in Buffalo.”

[url=] ... z1YLBoI7SW[/url]

The cited stat takes into account the current Bills-Rogers agreement that has five regular season and three preseason games from 2008-2012 in Toronto. If someone could come up with a scenario where $9.75 million – or even half that – could be raised in a 25,000ish-seat stadium so that a Canadian group could make a profit on a NFL preseason game in a locale where there is no relocation motivation to hold it there in the first place, I’d like to hear it.

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The Bills want more fans in southern Ontario, not necessarily just Toronto and last time I looked, Hamilton is much closer to Buffalo than Toronto...

So what?

Who cares what the Bills want?

If there is limited money in this town and surrounding area for live sports, let's market the Tiger-Cats here, not some other sports team from Buffalo.

They make more money having a half-full Ralph Wilson Stadium for a preseason game than a full Hamilton IWS2. Where are these Hamilton-area Bills fans who will magically appear that haven't already been exposed to the Bills? What incentive is there for a Toronto-fixated Rogers group to host the Bills...outside of Toronto? There is no economic rationale for this.

The modus operendi of the Toronto Bills series is to show that Toronto is a NFL-ready site for expansion or relocation. Hamilton is irrelevant in that equation except that Hamilton NFL fans might choose to pay through the nose to see the Bills in Toronto. Hamilton Bills fans will buy Buffalo merchandise regardless of whether the Bills ever set foot in Canada. There is no mystical untapped market in Southern Ontario for NFL revenue. Is that clear enough?

The perception that the NFL operates somewhat like the NHL is wrong here. It doesn't have to chase gate ANYWHERE because the metrics of its revenue generation through television.

Oski Wee Wee,


So this Ivor Wynne/NFL preseason scenario will mainly benefit the Bills by encroaching Hamilton and surrounding Canadian football fans.

Frankly, I don't see much of a benefit to TiCat fans and may actually hurt the Cats overall by marketing the American game to it's own fan base.
There is only so much disposable income to go around..

The Bulldogs outdoor game in January is good for us as it helps promote pro hockey,good for jobs,businesses downtown and entertainment in the winter.We need to promote pro Canadian sports for our benifit not for American interests.