Should the soccer lines been removed for the GC?

Reading this on the Red Patch TFC forum as someone there says they couldn’t believe the CFL didn’t have the soccer lines removed. I don’t know about you but they didn’t register in my brain at all, I guess I’m just so used to “seeing” them there all the time it doesn’t matter. Anyway, here’s the post from there. Man some of those guys are total whiners:

[i]Originally Posted by Pookie
Almost as ridiculous as the Grey Cup being played last night to a national audience with soccer lines on the field… or is it pitch?

yeah you would think that the CFL would have removed the lines for the gray cup[/i]

funny cause it's true - they are a bunch of whiners..... I have to stand with them ever weekend during the summer. Many of them do nothing but complain about what water fountain has been blocked or the long lines or how long it took to get into the stadium or the quality of the players compared to back home in England.....

But they do have a point - I would have removed the soccer lines for a game as high profile as the Grey Cup like they did removing the football lines at Quest for the MLS final (and every game). It can be done.

Yes I agree and wondered myself yesterday why they were not removed.
It does look bush....please never again.

The problem is that many of our highest profile stadia in Canada are public use facilities (like BMO is supposed to be).

This means they get used by absolutely everyone. The bill for the playing surface is usually footed by the proprietor of the building. Its usually done on the cheap with all users in mind and not only the Grey Cup game.

For affordability, the sports that get the most frequent use have their lines permanently stitched in. So at Ivor Wynne, Molson and McMahon, those yellow soccer lines are stiches permanently into the field. They could try and paint over them.

Unlike the soccer boys at BMO, I couldn't care less as the football gridiron is a tends to be more imposing than the soccer pitch.

It would however look a touch more professional if it were football only markings for the national championship.

Just because it's a public use facility doesn't mean you can't remove the lines for an important game. Like you said, paint over them. A high profile game like the Grey Cup should be treated as such. We are talking about the most important game of the year. Image is everything! :lol:

BTW the soccer boys at BMO care about the lines for exactly that reason. The football lines are more imposing and make soccer harder to watch on what would otherwise be a simple field of play. I personally find it distracting, especially along the sidelines when it'sa close call on an out of bounds. Not to mention it just looks dumb. They remove the lacross lines before every TFC game... there's still a shadow but it is way less distracting than have additional field markings.

If it could be easily done for sure, remove the lines or paint over them if they are stitched in for a high profile game like the GC. But in some ways I'm glad they keep it in as the game itself overides the soccer lines, as you say they aren't as imposing as the other way around. Personally I find the ads on the hockey boards to be more irritating, I find they take away from the action on the ice when the ads are in view but I don't think they remove them for the Stanley Cup finals. Not exactly the same thing of course.

The lines are annoying. Thankfully, next year at Commonwealth I wont have to see them...

Yes! Yes! Thank you for posting this. I know it sounds anal to complain about soccer lines in the CFL's biggest game, but it all comes down to image. It's little things like this that the league needs to work on IMO.

Would it have killed them to remove the soccer lines and put an Al and Rider logo in respective endzones instead of the Stamp's galloping horse and (especially) the University Of Calgary??

Agreed and further, I would like to know when was the last soccer game played in McMahon before the GC? I know there is a way to remove those lines.
In addition, I believe how the Stamps run the stadium providing enormous taxes and maintenance throughout.
I suspect how the U of Calgary and other public entities do not even pay their weight into the place.


The U of C owns McMahon Stadium. Don't you think the owner of the stadium should get a little free advertising?

As to the lines... I thought CFL fans were too mature to complain about few yellow lines. Isn't it about the action on the field, not the paint on the field?

We are talking about the soccer lines here.
It also speaks to looking more friendlier to the eye.
Otherwise it reminds me of the days in the high school gym with so many lines on that floor that my head was spinning.

The only soccer line that I ever notice is the goal line in Montreal,or the lack of a real football goal line that every other stadium has that we have been used too I should say.Everytime a touchdown is scored Im thinking why are they cheering,I truly think they are still 5 or 10yds away from the endzone,just because of a lack of a thicked goal line,I have wondered if it has ever connfused some defensive players.

who cares

I care, but not enough let it bother me so much that I can't enjoy the game. Though I do wish they could have been removed. I even found myself wondering about it.

You won't see lines at Commonwealth because there's a very good chance the field will be covered with snow .

then I guess if you all care that much, to make the 501 post of the year complaining how something as simple as lines on the field looks so umprofessional in a grey cup better start sending angry letters to the owners of these stadiums and CFL office, cause if its that big of a deal, do something.

its not, so not sure why there is so much effort whining about this

guess some people need reasons to complain, after a great championship that did nothing but good for the league

I think they could have removed them for a Championship game . What I also found was alot of times the first down marker on the TV wasn't very accurate. 3rd and inches and the line was 2 yards away.