Should the Roughriders..........

SHould the roughriders change their helmet logo??? If you would like a change what would you suggest they put on the helmet? this Kangas twin?
( lets change everything )

This is just to good, change the logo EH..!! well i have a few suggestions...but I'll keep them to myself for once.

No, don't chage the helmets, their weild yes but they are fine the way they are.

Sorry, MURX84, but if you don't even have my suport, then most of the others willn't agree either, but I hope that you agree with some of my stuff, brother! :wink:

does anybody know if the montreal game today in taylor field will have the blackout lifted? can i watch it on tsn in regina?

95% sell out right now, with one hour to kickoff. There's no guaranteed sell out until it's 100% sold out, and nothing has been said about it being lifted so far.

ahhh....the battle for number 2 in my weekly power rankings...

current #2 Saskatchewan vs current #3 Montreal

winner takes #2, loser relegaded to

now....who to cheer for???? :expressionless:

( why doesnt sask. wear the green '05 RBK home jersey was one of my fav's )

Hmmmmm would luv to see a new helmet logo............I do believe that a Roughrider is the cowboy out on the flanks of a cattle how about a cowboy with a larriet or something.............or even a spur????????

Yes definitely change it. Maybe a sack of wheat with a baige helmet. Perhaps a barn and some fences too. Maybe have a stampeder horse eating the wheat from behind the fense. And the Argo boat floating to shore to pick up the horse and bring him to an igloo in edmonton where the eskimos live. but in order for them to cross all the land after th eboat arrives they'll jump on a lion or stampeder and they'll take them across. if they're lightweight they can go by alouette bird style. and if they're really luck they won't get terrorized and hit by a blue bomber when the grey cup game is in winnipeg. peace out

How about a manure rake! Kidding bad taste!

it seems that its always you that brings that up. Just because you agree its bad taste you still posted it.

Oh and Hi everyone from Spain. Italy in two days. The days go so fast, so much much time to spend on the beach, canĀ“t waste it

this thread is so last year....

Riders dont need a new logo.... if anything, they should go back to the old one , to remind fans of the days when were a contender year after year...

i guess the real question is... why would a BC Lion fan start this poll :? worry about your logo :lol: instead of askin about 1 team, use the whole CFL team if they would change there logo :wink:

In all liklihood he's a big CFL fan, and isn't just a fan of one team. Perhpas he's looking for the opinion amongst Lions fans more than anyone else. Re: "Worry about your own logo". There's nothing to worry about cause we've got a rough an dtough lion with a cool logo as opposed to having a lame tame wheat field. LOL

ah, brings back memories. :cowboy:

still don't like the idea though :thdn: Riders helmet is fine.

A great big GOPHER with NO TEETH, or a Dead TURKEY maybe.