Should the Riders try to get something for Glen Now?

With Glenn ready to come back and Smith being more than capable as a back up, would it not be wise to trade Glen to Winnipeg or Montreal in order to build for next season? I think that 999/1000 head coaches would have not pulled Smith or might have pulled him for a series or two tops after his admittedly ridiculous INT. However, Chamberland being fired tomorrow has to be a givin and any incoming coach would clearly instate Smith as the starter until Glen is healthy. I think the Riders should trade Glen and go the rest of the season with Smith.The Riders should atleast be able to get a se3cond round draft pick for Glen.

Glen will get them nothing. Durant, maybe, but Glen is likely a QB coach somewhere next year.

wish bc had him back

The 2 teams screaming the most for a QB are the Riders and Bombers. If Bombers don't pick up glenn they know we have no chance to catch them - why would they give up anything of value? For the rest of the teams Glenn would be nothing more than insurace and we would be luck to get a second round pick for him - but can't see any player of value coming our way for him. This is not a reflection of Glenns value, rather an indication of supply vs demand. The back ups of several teams are playing very well - thus making Glenns value very minimal

A big hot dog and a beer for GLEN and a second round pick.

they would be better off trying to trade CC for a water boy

Sometimes I wonder how much more successful the bombers would have been - if any - had they not cut ties with Glenn years back?

wasn't it MIke Kelly who released Glenn?

The Riders will keep Glen, what happens when Durant re-injures himself?
Forget the Als, when Crompton and LeFevour come back from the 6 game, Cato goes to back up and LeFevour 3rd QB. What do they do with Brandon Bridge and Tanner Marsh?

The Riders should keep Glenn as insurance, it's tough that he was injured and the Riders lost both Durant and Glenn but Kevin is a proven QB it's too bad that the Riders didn't have anyone beyond Glenn who could step in a lead the team.

Durant will never be the same after this injury and certainly lose much of his speed and rushing ability, so having two good QB's will be important to the future of the Riders moving forward.

No indication either JC or DL will be back soon; especially Lefevour.

And Cato has shown too much potential to get replaced by JC, who is neither better nor has shown more upside..

well the Riders should still plat Smith for the rest of the year and trade him… He can get them a first and a second round pick?

If he plays to the point where he's worth a 1st or 2nd rounder, they'd be stupid to trade him at all. He's very young, and while not ready to be a starter, has shown enough to hang onto him. There's not a whole lot of instances where you're going to get equal value back in a trade. If you're trading a starter, you're probably going to end up worse off for it (based on what you get back).