should the riders rest Joseph the rest of the season?

with a calgary win and an eskimo loss this weekend, the riders will finish 3rd in the west regardless of weather they win or lose the rest of thier 2 games…

so with nothing left to play for, should they rest joseph in hopes of healing his banged up knee?

its obvious kerry has not healed from the initial knee injury he got earlier this season…it could hamper his play in the playoffs…and we all know, kerry is his best when he’s a threat to run…right now, his runs are more hobbles.

Yes, now that Crandell is back and ready to play, and with a week of practice he should start so he can get into game shape if he is needed. If those two games mean nothing if the Esks lose today, it will give Joseph two weeks to rest up and be ready for the playoffs.

Seeing the Riders play the Argos next week I think Joseph should be rested and stay in street clothes for the game. One can't be too careful. :stuck_out_tongue:

We'll leave that one up to the coaches and the trainers, exactly how they might approach that situation should it, god forbid, come about.
But you have to keep playing joseph to keep him sharp.
But you might be able to give Crandell some work, and even Rocky if he recovers.
However, I suspect Danny will take the attitude it is important to win out regardless.

And it is doubtful if the knee will get much better than it is this year.
6 months of rehab, and possibly surgery are the only real cures for the injury we think he has.

...and don't the riders still have a chance at 2nd?

yes, but the reality is they will finish 3rd.

i said, if the stamps win this weekend and the eskimos lose....which would mean the riders can't finish any better or worse than 3rd...READ

make the playoffs, rest joseph, common sense, danny wont do it, sigh

now that the Esks are out, it seems that it woud be a no brainer to rest Joseph, yes they need to keep him sharp, but Crandell needs to play to keep him ready as well. I would go with Crandell against the Argos, and let Crandell start against the Esks, and give Joseph some playing time to keep him ready for the playoffs.

I think they should play Joseph so he can practice scoring points. No point in putting in the back-up so the receivers can get used to him. I agree with Arius to keeping him sharp.

it all depends on whether or not the stamps win or lose tomorrow

first of all no CFL team will ever win a grey cup with an ex-safety playing as their starting QB, kerry joseph wont win you grey cup and was never clutch in ottawa and has always choked, so who cares if you rest him or not, he will end up choking the first round of the playoffs.

Hell yeah they should keep Joseph in and to keep
him in game "shape", Id have him run with the ball
as often as possible.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Joseph was a QB before he was a safety

well he is still an overrated qb.

Say what you want about any pro player but one thing you have to remember!

The worst player in the still in the CFL

…while we sit here judging them and aren’t.

kerry joseph ran for 1000 yards last season for ottawa and the media wants to hype him up, he is an overrated qb that should be playing safety where he belongs, dude cant even finish games, he is injury prone, i cant believe a thread is dedicated to some fool who hasnt even sniffed a playoff game, yet even win a big game in his career, plus he is so old, and the cfl aint gonna help him, maybe if he wasnt so garbage as a safety the seahawks would have kept, this player got roy shivers fired, and will cost danny barrett his job , This guy cost two respected men their jobs, and now tillman will end up hiring his white head coach and bring in a white qb for those regina fans.

“so old”?? Just turned 33…aging, but not “so old”…

One player cost a GM his job and will cost a coach his job as well? Do you know anything about football at all?

i understand that you prairie boys have to defend your team, but lets face it, your fans couldnt handle two black men having the most high profile job in the province, everybody knows that tillman will fire barrett no matter what happens and hire a white head coach. Everybody blames shivers & barrett, because of the trevis smtih situation and kenton keith, people assume that all black people are wild and crazy, its not fair, they just made a mistake, yet the "white liberal media" wont give them a chance to redeem themselves and these guys have lost in the court of public opinion.