Should the riders go after Jamal Richardson

Kahlill is healthy, but because of the stupid rules concerning the 9 Game injury list, he can't play until his nine games are up, so that list is more like a suspened list than any injury list! (lmaoraotf)

Douce, if Kahill, is still on the 9 game list that is for salary management issues. The guy hasn't dressed all year, except exhibition. We are now in week 11. He should be off injury list. Yo has been off for 2 weeks and played one game already and Yo got hurt before the first game of the season.

So is Kahill that good, I don't has been proven yet, with Jamel you know what you are getting.

I don't know when they actually placed Kahlil on the 9 game (I don't think they did so immediately like they did with Yo), but he should be available soon.
And once available, let's see him on the field.
Either that or release him.