Should the riders go after Jamal Richardson

Should the riders go after Jamal Richardson, he has been released by Dallas. He could be an interesting addition to the team.

And it is reported David Azzi has been released because of the picking up of Getzlaf.

I find it interesting that Azzi sat on the injured list the whole time he was here. So he couldn't be picked up by another team.

As far as I know, Azzi dressed behind Flick from the beginning of July until the game before last, but did not see playing time.....unless the depth charts made huge errors.....riderville lists him as only being injured the last week as well.....

There are also rumblings about Bracey being given his walking papers....

Richardson would be an interesting pick up, if only to see who they would get rid of to make a spot for him. I personally don't see much of a need for him, at this point.


And I like him.

We have no room for him, cap wise or roster.

You might be right about the cap space, but as far as I am concerned he would be a huge upgrade at the receiving position, which now that Armstead is gone, is actually quite thin.
But let's see if he clears waivers in the NFL before we get too excited one way or the other...

Despite the fact the Riders would need to adjust some people for the cap. I think it would be good, if the team was relatively confident he could stay healthy this could be a really good pickup.

IN terms of making room, while Yo Murphy was good last year and could still be good for another year. The riders need to face facts, he is 36 years old...Richardson could give the riders 4 or 5 years of productive service, if he stays healthy.

I'm not trying to be a jerk but i think it's Jamel not Jamal.

I think we should try to get him back. He was kicking ass last year until he broke his foot. He'd be a great number 3 guy.

It does appear to be Jamel, but I’ve seen it spelled both ways on various sites, so who knows.

I suspect that cap issues will rear their ugly head in this case–Jamel will likely be asking in the neighbourhood of $7-10 thou a game, and I doubt we can afford that. Plus he will be looking for a starting job.
Other teams with more cap room and greater need for a receiver will likely be where he lands.
Too bad though…

I never was impressed with Jamal Richardson. wouldn’t mind seeing what McKoy can bring to the table. and what ever happened to Thyron Anderson? maybe even get Getzlaf in there. or use a split backfield and use Holmes as a recieving threat. no need for Richardson.

We traded Anderson to Hamilton with French, and he was cut by them. And yes, Jamel was looking crappy in years before but last year in the few games he played he showed some promise, but as Arius said, the cap will probably prevent us from signing him.

Wasn't trying to offend anyone, I looked at his player profile...and it is spelled Jamal...however, in reviewing a number of press stories it is Jamel.

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I know Jamel was our leading receiver when he got hurt, but he may have been leading the league at that point and was on pace for huge numbers.
And the guy is still only 25 years old...
nothing but upside with this guy.

Getzlaf is likely a year or the year after.
He has several guys ahead of him on the depth chart right now.
Cory Holmes has never played a receiver position, so at age 30, I think I'd rather not see them try to covert him to slotback. We will likely see a double import backfield though--at times.
Yo will be back on the roster, and then if he doesn't pan out, it will be another receiver--either someone in camp (Washington or Pray) or someone else.
Which is where Jamel comes into the picture.
Simply put, why not?
Cash. That's why.
But the talent is there.
And the Riders do need, and will sign, more receivers....

Not your fault.
I saw that link as well, but as Jamel's own website spells it with an "e", I guess we will go with that...

Hey that’s cool. Not your fault.

If there was a way we could fit Richardson into the picture financial wise. I say go for it like Mikejth said, Yo is 36. Richardson has way more upside to him. Another big body out there would be great.

Yo impressed me in training camp and exhibition and it was very unfortunate that he got injured.
But he is 36, and says he will retire after this year.
That and 36+ achilles injury = ?
I know Kent and ET both love Yo, but nobody can predict that he will be 100%.
I think I forgot Kahlil Hill earlier.
Another injured guy. More upside as he is only 28.
But he is largely unproven.
Rumour is, he will be healthy soon as well.
It may become a timing thing. We won't know the status of either of those guys until after the window to pursue Jamel closes.
So we either can afford him, and go for it, or not and then hope the other guys can get the job done.

For me it boils down to, we have couple of prospects, K. Hill (mind Jamel is younger then Hill), and Pray and who are both relatively unproven.

Given Yo likely falls under the 4 or 6 season veteran rule, his salary will likely be protected after this weekend. (not sure with his status because he didn't sign last year until late). So there could be no savings on his salary.

But if we did have room, I would like to see Richardson, Hill and Pray fight it out. I expect experience will win.

Interesting quote from Tillman on Jamel....

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