Should The Redblacks Fire Rick Campbell?

I do not like the way this coach is running this team at all. His game management skills are bad and right up there with Tim Burke in terms of how he handles personnel moves. He's badly handled the quarterback situation and should not be playing Danny O'Brien period. He's got two other backups in there who he won't even let see the field when Burris is struggling and is stubborn with his philosophy.

I would say the Redblacks need to toss him out at the end of this year, but they probably won't because they're an expansion team.

Its a young team and it clearly lacked talent at the receiver position and on the defensive side of the ball. An OC and a QB coach is probably where I would start. Letting Burris run the show was a mistake.

Even before the season started, I would've said fire Campbell just because he's an idiot.

No. Let them keep sucking. In all fairness I can't imagine coaching an expansion team is the easiest thing having to start from scratch with everything. I would give him til week 6 next season.

If we were talking about anyone not named Campbell, I'd agree. He never should've been hired in the first place.

And hire who Chief? My thoughts are hire a productive OC to run the offence is a start........ect.

I'll take the job. That's how little confidence I have in Campbell. :cowboy:

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That said, Campbell is highly unlikely to be canned in the first season. See what he does in the off-season, but in all honesty, the GM will be more at risk if he doesn't improve a few areas.

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Hmm…well here’s the thing, if you are going to do it, you need to do it now, well before the draft to give the next guy a chance to make a pitch to get the players he wants. The other problem is who do you get to replace Campbell? IMO Marcel Bellefeuille is a potential head coach with a proven track record of being able to make a team who is doing poor into a contender, as he did in Hamilton.

Lets do a report card for Campbell, here are the responsibilities a head coach has.

Petitioning for Players - F

Lets get this one right out of the way, because this drastically effects the other items on this report card. A coaches job is to communicate to his GM what players he wants and needs. Now I find it very odd that the RedBlacks, and expansion team loaded with young talent, made to next to no trades this season. I find it odd the team targeted two starting Fullbacks in the expansion draft. If find it odd, they loaded up heavily on national linemen and got one DB though both drafts. I just don’t see the right players having been picked for this team, nor attempts to make exchanges.

Playcalling and Play Design - C

Defensively, the RedBlacks seem to run Pass Rush and Zone. Now that being said, when you don’t have a swath of good DBs and several good D.Linemen, that’s usually your best option and the RedBlacks did throw healthy amounts of blitz into the mix. Offensively, the play calling was Vanilla. No trick plays, no reverses to divert rushers, not a lot of screens, not a lot pulling O.linemen. Now part of this goes back to players. Building a complete National O.Line your first year in the league seems foolhardy to me, and going with speedy backs, vs pass blocking backs isn’t the best choice with a skeptical O.Line.

Identifying Talent & Waste - C+

Campbell did a decent job in figuring out who is jewels were. Marcus Henry, Jeremiah Johnson, Justin Capicciotti. Now some of these were through simply the next guy being hurt, but I think there isn’t fault here. The fault is the waste, I didn’t hear a lot of cuts that you need to make to keep finding the players you need.

Improving Player Performance - D+

So who improved this year? The QBs didn’t as Hank has nowhere to go and no one else got enough meaningful reps. Some of the RBs may have, but hard to say now given how many got hurt. The O.Line didn’t, as Hank was getting sacked from day one. The defense as a whole didn’t seem to, as they continued to struggle with missed tackles and lack of turnovers. Maybe the D.Line did a bit as they seemed to be getting to the QB and stopping the run a bit better near the end of the season.

Challenging Plays - B

This season will be remembered for the first coach who challenged a review, which while certainly sent a message, may have costed the RedBlack a game. Apart from that incident, I thought Campbell did a good job of picking plays to challenge, and while many didn’t go his way, I think he suffered from too close to call more then any other team this year.

Inspiration - C+

Once your out, are your players still playing? Last night, it didn’t seem like they were. Against Hamilton it did though, but perhaps the home crowd had something to do with that. Did like the challenge of the review though, showing his disgust for what the league later confirmed shouldn’t have been overturned.

So all in all, you have a less the stellar record, but keeping in mind the big F here is partially the fault of the GM and not the coach. I’d say there is enough there to give Campbell another season of rope.

not sure how the playcalling and design could not be right up there. They perpetually had receivers in the right spot, but I 100% believe set a drops per game record. The creativity they showed, especially in the first half of the season, was thrilling to watch, especially on were always thinking 'what will he try next.' As for the screens...didn't need em if players held onto the ball.

There were a lot of mistakes with this team. It is their first year, it was to be expected. I like that heads didn't role a lot during the season in perfect honesty, as it showed that hey...we are building and we will do it with the truck the we brought here. Normally I wouldn't agree with that, but for a first year team I liked it. To me they seemed to create an atmosphere that the players really a few more and that will only go up. They had a few players extend really early in the season, and some of those guys I thought would ride out their contracts and move along quickly. That, to me, says LOTS, because those players know they probably aren't winning a ring any time soon.

They have time to evaluate this team, recognize the gaps in coaching decisions, and address that through FA season. Probably the smart thing to do at this point is look to dump off the 1st overall pick in efforts to secure a potential QB for the future or pick someone up in FA and use that to pick up another couple players...they are young enough...get anchors for that youth.

Considering how many close games Ottawa won, a better coach might have got them to at least 6 wins and a shot at the playoffs. They certainly should look at a new head coach. Paul LaPolice took a crappy Bomber team and took them to the Grey Cup. Doug Berry had an excellent record with the Bombers, also leading them to a Cup appearance. He's currently the offensive coordinator with Montreal. and they're doing pretty well at the moment...

Desjardins should be the one fired,totally inept at his job and in way over his head. I honestly can't for the life of me figure out why or how this guy is still employed in this league. He is the Matt Millen of the CFL,and for those unfamiliar about who Millen is,he was the GM for many years in Detroit in the NFL and was the architect of that 0-16 season they had a few years back and is widely regarded as the worst GM in NFL history. His record as GM of the Lions,a sparkling 31 W/84 L/PCT .270 in 7+ years at the helm. Desjardins while having a smaller sample size has now got a sparkling record of 9 W/45 L/PCT .169 in 3 years at the helm as a GM in the CFL. The sooner the REDBLACKS get rid of this guy the better off they will be.I know that some on here will say ya sure but look at his record as assistant GM in Mtl. really ? all he was then was Jim Popps errand boy and let's face facts here,we all know who was running the show back then and still is today in Mtl,plus it's not very hard looking good when your team is in the middle of a dynasty as the Als were back then. I said way back in preseason that I thought that the RB's made a mistake giving this guy the GM job,and sure I know give the guy some slack after all the RB's were an expansion team,but IMO he would screw up a two car funeral and I honestly can't see this guy lasting for too much longer as the GM in Ottawa before they turf him out on his ear. His record is listed down below,and stats don't lie and the proofs in the pudding,unbelievably he has managed to get worse each season as a GM going from 4 to 3 to 2 Wins in his stellar career. :roll: :thdn:

Marcel Desjardins record as GM


perhaps another coach wouldn't have even gotten them that close. Those are generally futile arguments.

yup...I said the same earlier, but this is well laid out. His actions with Glenn was enough IMO. if he doesn't make some moves in the off-season I would think the leash will be pretty short. That said, we do not know the conversations he and the ownership team have had.

Say what? Berry took over as OC last year but wasn't renewed this offseason. The offensive team in Montreal is Dinwiddie (OC), Garcia (QB coach), Speckman (RB), Sweet (O-line), and Schonert (receivers).

Just a little story about how inept this guy was when he was in Hamilton and how he basically destroyed the team with one bone head move after another. :oops: :thdn:

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