Should The Redblacks Bench Henry Burris And Start Elliot?

I say why not, guy has had a lot of playmaking upside that never got utilized in the Peg. Offense needs a boost from a more accurate QB, so the Redblacks should consider sticking him in there as the starter.


Elliot is terrible.

Burris despite his struggles (and WRs dropping every 5th pass) is still the face of the franchise who needs more help to properly evaluate him, IMO.

Well the Rouge et Noir have about $450,000 reasons not to. Thank god he is not in the Hammer. Austin made the right choice IMO

I wouldn't as they are not statistically out yet...but yeah, definitely time to start talking about it and ensuring he is ready. I would hope that they at least start giving him a half a game, status of game dependent, to see if he has potential down the road in their system. They definitely need to start looking long term and who stays and who goes.

But I do agree, only a chunk of this is on Henry. He hasn't exactly had reliable hands supporting him. Burris was brought in because he can extend a play and hurt you with a broken play. They knew the OL would struggle in year one and he gives them a fighting chance...Glenn's lack of mobility is likely why they made the move. IMO they are only looking at Henry as a 2 year guy, so they need to see if they have to go shopping or have potential already.

That;s how it's looking now, but i am pretty sure Burris would be playing A LOT better in Hamilton if he was there.

Better maybe, better supporting talent for sure but bad Hank shows up way too often now that he's older

Interesting that this appears after the RedBlacks had easily their best Offensive game of the season and scored 32 on a pretty good defense. Burris also played pretty well overall (had a couple of poor decisions but also made several good one's).

Burris has no time to throw the football. Had it not been for Burris running around and dodging defenders for sacks, Ottawa woukd have had maybe 9 points instead of 30. Imo he has done the best he could with what he has been given to work with.

Also he took Hamilton to the cup last season. To say that Hamilton is better off with out him and a 4- 8 record is kinda rediculous. Hamiltons decision to release Burris was moreso for the next 10 years as opposed to making them better this year.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of writing all that out.

And if they plan on looking ahead and sitting Burris down, Elliot is not the guy I want to see in there, it's Alex Carder. I thought he looked like he had a lot of potential in pre-season (unlike O'Brien, who threw a great looking deep no one).

Unless you are planning on making Elliot the future of your franchise after Hank leaves (which, I'm not convinced Elliot is your guy), then no.

That being said, Ottawa needs to prepare for life after Burris, and needs to start this season or next. My recommendation, is give Troy Smith another shot, Smith did not have the benefit of an elite QB to work under, and while Crompton is doing decent, I can't help but think he's due to lay an egg soon. That, or trade for a Calgary QB.

I just don't see any other QB prospect or Veteran QB you can go for at this time that's worth turning into your number one guy.

Friday? :smiley:

:thup: :thup: :thup: GO RED :D BLACKS GO !!!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I'd rather see the RB's get their 2nd win of the season than the Al's getting their 5th. :wink: :cowboy:

call me a suck, but I usually root for the home team out of consideration (sympathy?) for the avid fans who pay good money and/or brave inclement weather to root on their team.

Give Burris a chance for a few seasons to win unless he's not on the same page as the coach. Then that is a different story.

Yeah…I think so. I can see overfidence creeping in after the Calgary win. The problem is, even if Crompton does lay said egg, Ottawa offence needs to be able to put 24 points on the board, minimum, and that’s been a struggle for the REDBLACKS. If Hank can finally get some chemistry going, I think Ottawa can pull this one off.

Also, my typing of the name REDBLACKS that way was intentional. Every time I see or various sources post the name in all caps, that’s what it looks like to me. Can the various outlets finally start typing it RedBlacks or Redblacks.

Then it's working. :wink:

You put them together and what have you got ? REDBLACKS....ALL the time !!!! :wink:


RE: Should The Redblacks Bench Henry Burris

I wouldn't use the word "Bench". Hank is not getting any younger, so I would let him retain the starting role, but start getting the younger qb,s in for much needed reps, for the future, with Burris ready to help mentor and win the close games.

Why Campbell didn't yank Hank tonight is beyond me. How many times do you gotta stand on the sideline and watch a QB singlehandedly kill an offense? Only 7 points again? That's just ridiculous to have happen that many times in a season. If your offense is struggling, bench that QB and stick someone else in. Elliot at least deserves a shot to make the offense go.