Should the Lions keep Dave Dickenson?

Quite a dilemma for the Lions in the off-season. Do they keep DD and lose Jarious or dump Dave's big salary and Keep Buck as # 1 and Jarious # 2. Tough call. As the papers are saying DD is a class guy but can a team count on him to be healthy and is he still mobile enough??????
What are BC fans and others thoughts? If you were the GM what would you do???

With all due respect to Dave Dickenson, he should pursue another avenue with the B.C. Lions. In today's day and age the quarterback must be mobile. He has not shown much mobility since coming back and the offensive line can't give him 3 to 5 seconds on every play to get rid of the ball. God forbid, but if he does come back to play, I can see another nasty hit coming. It's just a matter of time.


he needs to retire.
playing 4 games a year and "earning" $400,000 is a joke.
he hurts the lions cap.

it time for D D D A A C to all hit the road.

He played better than JJ didnt he?


Dave Dickenson is still the most accurate passer in the league.

He is injury prone though. If he can take a paycut, definately keep him. But if he's gonna get paid that kind of money, cut him loose.

I would keep him, the risks are still worth it.

He should retire , in the west final he looked like age caught up with him . To slow to react , needs a faster release .

I say get rid of him. As accurate as he is, all a team has to due is blitz him every play. He can't roll out of the pocket and his arm isn't strong enough to throw on the run. Jarius would have got rolling in the grey cup and Buck is an excellent back up. Dave is a waste of money and all he does is waste space on the bench.

We can have a two man platoon next year splitting time with the new young guy happy to ride the bench. Keeping Dave will only mess this up and upset either Buck or Jarius.

DD needs to retire. There is more to life than football. Who knows what will happen if/when he gets another concussion... He needs to seriously consider his family and his future. It isnt worth the risks...

you night see alot of changes in BC becides DD, Ritchie might want to retire, who knows! That might shake up the D



Dickenson is a tremendous talent, but the longer he plays with all of the concussions, the more detrimental this will be to his long term health....

To cut to the chase, I think the Lions should talk him into coming on the coaching staff to work with QBs. His knowlege and his talent could produce some great up and comers in CFL.

I say the Lions drop him like a bad habit.

Bad habits are not easily dropped...

Sure keep him, then BC can boast they have a bench-warmer who makes 400 thousand a year after his next concussion...

Interesting opinions.
Personally, I would like to tip my hat to Dave Dickenson. He has been a class guy, tough performer who did not shy away from hits until late in his career and an outstanding passer. DAve was good for the CFL!
Best wishes and thanks Dave , however, retire and keep your health!

I too think DD should retire. His health is too important, and he simply doesn't have the speed any more.

Personally, I'd like to see him as the QB coach for the Lions, I think he would do a great job.