Should the Leos use the Whitecaps configuration?

I posted this in another forum too. So it looks like the Whitecaps unveiled their seating plan at the BC Place. The rendering shows that the upperbowl will be covered. Do you guys think the Lions should follow and try to copy the success Montreal has been having for years? I know there are a lot of ppl that do prefer the view in the upper bowl. The complaint about this configuration is that there are too many endzone seats. I have no problem with that personally. I prefer this than open up a few sections in the upper bowl making it less intimate and just outright looking awful. Here's a picture from the endzone:

The Lions DID use a no upper level config for a while until they started sell more seats. I don’t think “success” is spelled by limiting your seat sales when you have the capacity in the stadium. It’s a different scenario in Montreal where McGill Stadium is sold out with its limited seating whereas the big-O would look like an empty cavern. Replicating the Montreal scenario would mean staying at the dinky temporary stadium at Empire Field.

What they should take from the Whitecaps is those tarps the Caps will use for covering the seats. As for the configuration, the Lions will need more than the 30,000 seats the lower bowl provides.

I think the Lions may sell more then 30k per game this year as a lot of people will just want to come and check out the new stadium.

I prefer the drive to sell 40+ per game better.

they may need 40k or more fans per game this year just to break even.

I agree that the Lions need a few more seats than that, and that end-zone seats are not as good as side line ones on the upper deck. The Lions should find a way to block off two thirds of the upper deck, and one lower end zone.

This has always been my issue with BC Place - it's too damn big for the CFL! Sure it's nice to have the 25,000 extra seats for a West Final or Grey Cup, but let's be real - how often do we see those events here?? Empty seats look awful on TV and not too inspiring for the players either I would imagine.

That's why I loved Empire Field so much last season. Everyone was packed in tight and you could really feel the energy. The open air and mountain views were nice too. :thup:

There are supposed to be all sorts of tarping off options that come with the new BC Place roof so that any number of seating capacities should be possible. Perhaps only a limited amount of rows in the upper deck will be visible (similar to the set-up the Pacific Coliseum has for Giant games). What also should help is that the new dome will have about 5,000 fewer seats than old configuration had.