Should the federal goverment step in.

Why can't the feds spend some of our money on the CFL? With all the money spent on getting people out of lebanon, adscam, boondoggles, gun registry, payments to people that are ''entitle to their entitlements'' just a small portion out of the wasted money file could build a couple of stadiums, one the east cost and one in quebec city and have a little more to spread around to spruce up the older parks. Why not? Lets get our selves a lobbyest and send then to ottawa.

NO. The CFL can survive on its own, they are heading, hopefully , in the right direction. Its funny , though, how people say there is too much govt in our lives, yet they want them to help a pro football league. I wonder what they would call it if they decided to add a new levy to support that idea-the Pinball tax?

We could use some new stadiums...

The CFL is about the only canadian thing left in the country, we could put it under endagered specie or heritage and that could get us some funds. There is so much money out there floating around, why can't the ole girl get some for her self.

no level of govt has any business spending one tax dollar on anyones entertainment, be it sports or arts or sex.

Let the market "drive" itself. As much as I like the CFL, I like my money, and the Government should keep their hands out of my pocket.

Sorry no vote here for Federal tax dollars.

..Mr. Asper won;t agree with you i believe his deal for a new stadium in the Peg is contingent on fed. tax bucks...In a way i agree with you....don't like govt. involved in deals to build stadiums....BUT....i think its too late....government already has a piece of the pie in the Bombers franchise...( granted not the feds.)...and they do have some monies for sporting events in our country, i do believe....see Winter Olympics 2010 out your way sporty...ooops, now i've really opened up a can of worms.... :lol: :rockin:

Well Dad I have to correct you again. The Olympics generate a very large economic windfall. Where as a CFL game does not. I believe if you need government money it should come from the province and city. The football stadium in Winnipeg does nothing for the rest of Canada. True it benefits the CFL cities but they are not all of Canada. So if the Bombers want a new stadium they should pay for it.

Now you see, that is not entirely correct, there are many sporting events that can be had if the right facilities are available, commonwealth games, panam games, aboriginal games just to sratch the surface, the economic benefits are not only for the city of region but they all aide the country as being recognized as a location to host many other world class events, that may not have been initially recognized.

You might have heard about it already, but there was something in the budget about 1.5M being spent on Heritage Sports like 3-Down football and lacrosse. It's more for the promotion and encouragement at the lower levels, of course, and not specific to the CFL.

The Olympics generate a very large economic windfall. Where as a CFL game does not. I believe if you need government money it should come from the province and city.
The Olympics almost never break-even, let alone make a profit. Aren't the Vancouver games already something like $100 million over budget, and the games are still almost 3 years away. London's budget for the 2012 Summer Olympics has already went way over as well. Athens lost alot of money, and let's not forget Montreal. There is now also extra security to add to costs as well.
The best way to get stadium improvements, or even new stadiums, is to have all parties get involved. If Winnipeg (or Halifax, Quebec City, etc.), were offered the chance to host 3 Grey Cups over 5 years, most of any investment that governments make in building a new stadium could be recovered.

:lol: :lol: Again the [b]Bombers are not a world class event[/b] if you noticed. The Olympics is one and you named a few more. I think the world already knows Canada can host a world class event so that shoots your argument down.

The CFL should give 3 Grey Cups in five years to any team that can get a new stadium.

but, are the people of the city willing to pay grey cup prices 3 of 5 years?

Good question. Its only every 2 years so I would say yes.

The Question is do the teams want the Grey Cup every 2 years.

Besides, the revenue from the Grey Cup comes nowhere close to offsetting the price of a new stadium

Its still good for tourism and getting new fans to the team.

The GC doesnt provide anywhere near the revenue needed to build a decent stadium even 10 years worth of GCs wouldnt scratch the surface. The feds are sitting on what, an $8B surplus, they dont need to raise anyones taxes to assist, they already have them. We are not just talking about a football stadium here, we are talking a facility that can host world class events. Every region of the country should have at least one. It is truly sad that they couldnt build a stadium in the maratimes.

Canada is mounting a big for the 2018 FIFA World Cup! There is hope yet!!

The Grey Cup draws in thousands of tourists every year. Estimates of the economic boost to the host city range from $30-$50 million. Almost half of that will end up in government hands through all kinds of taxes. Also consider that governments would get a significant part of stadium construction costs back through various taxes (income, GST, PST, etc.).